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Bring the wonder of nature into your home


Being outdoors in nature rejuvenates your senses and offers an infinite feeling of calm and serenity. It would be great therefore to replicate that same feeling in your own home to create a haven, which would capture that sense of whimsy and wonder. There are several ways in which you can recreate the magic of nature, by selecting elements that ...

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Decorate and Protect Your Home On Holi


Holi was my favourite festival as a child. And that was because of all the colours, the water guns, the food the music, and all that dancing. We ran in and out of the house, never once giving a thought to all the colours spilled on the floor, on the furniture, sprayed on the walls, and splattered on the doors. My mother spent several days ...

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Give your home Exquisite Exteriors

home exterior-exterior design-house exterior

The shape and outer view of your home are defined by your exterior walls. Structurally, exterior walls support the walls, roof and floors of your home. They also protect your home and family from weather extremities. The function of your exterior walls is to insulate, shed water, repel moisture and air infiltration. Let’s learn more about how you can maintain ...

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A Guide to Giving your Home a Mini Festive Makeover


With the start of the festive season, it is time to celebrate and give your home a sparkling makeover. The same environment can become monotonous over a period of time, so when the festive season starts it is a great time to make changes in your home which spell joy, laughter and positivity. Before indulging in significant alterations in your ...

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Get Your Home Spiffy in a Jiffy for the Festive Season


To be fair, any given month, in a country like ours (big on celebrations), usually has some festival being celebrated in one of its many parts. But as the year progresses rapidly through its later half, a bevy of festivals line up, and with them, the task of getting our homes ready for the army of guests and loved ones ...

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Advantages of Using Adhesive over Conventional Cement Method


Conventionally, a cement paste was used to adhere tiles to a surface. However, innovations in construction technology have introduced a tiling adhesive which has a percentage of cement in it, but is superlatively more effective. The problems with using conventional cement Besides the lack of efficacy, there are real problems associated with using conventional cement to affix tiles. The consistency ...

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Dress Up Your Cozy Reading Corner

Reading Corner

Reading is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the stress we all accumulate in our daily life. For some, it’s a night time activity, a sort of bedtime ritual. For many others, like me, it’s a grab-some-quiet-moments sort of everyday indulgence, in a quiet and cozy corner of the house. A lot of houses have that one ...

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Mix and Match Colours to Spruce up Your Living Space

Mix and Match Colours to Spruce up Your Living Space

Living in the same environment can become monotonous and leave you feeling as if in a rut. Not only does it affect you psychologically but it also impacts your efficiency and functionality. The adage that ‘change is the only constant’ can be periodically applied to your surroundings to refurbish and redefine the décor. Once you spruce up your living space, ...

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Decorate Your Homes without Breaking the Bank


Decorating your home indeed goes a long way and getting that perfect look that your heart desires makes a home happy and vibrant. But before you jump into decorating, it is very crucial for you to make the base of your house strong and sturdy with the right durable and pocket friendly products. Along with décor, home repairs require a ...

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