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Dampness in structure – sources, effects and solutions

Dampness in structure

Simply put, damp is an excess of moisture that can’t escape from a structure. But this simple definition hides the fact that dampness in a building structure is a silent and often undetected menace that can wreak havoc on your building or home, often capable of causing severe damage to your safety and health. That is why it is important ...

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Impact of leakages on the health of a family


There is something about a fresh, airy, clean home that radiates volumes! Whether your home is minimalistic, luxuriously baroque, contemporary, or traditional; whether it’s an old city bungalow or a busy street apartment; a vintage red-oxide floored abode or a wonderfully kitschy little flat in the sub-urban areas – the words ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ give out a certain positive vibe ...

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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing


Man is a social animal. Living in a society or gated community gives us a sense of togetherness and security. It allows us to celebrate and live our lives with a sense of belonging and ownership. However, the physical dwelling place comes with an added baggage of services and repairs that need to be done over a period of time. ...

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Why get a Home Inspection done and what can be found through it


A home inspection is done to assess the condition of a property with regards to the safety and state of its structure, and also looks for specific problems in other areas of the construction. Usually, professionals trained in property evaluation, not for its monetary value, but in terms of its safety and other mechanical conditions carry out the process. Although ...

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Home renovation mistakes that can ruin festivities


Festivals offer a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends, but, before that happens and you swing into a celebratory mode, remember that it is a good time to spring clean the house, discard old and unwanted objects, and renovate and paint the house. You can also take stock of all the repair and renovation work that is required ...

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Buying or renting a new apartment? Is the waterproofing done?


Moving to a new environment can be an enjoyable proposition – a change of location and home is a rewarding experience and the entire process is filled with much excitement and anticipation. Scouting around for a house or an apartment necessitates much effort to ensure that all requirements are met in terms of size, budget, location, access, proximity to schools, ...

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How Waterproofing Helps Extend The Life Of The Structure


Waterproofing isn’t a new world phenomenon. As early as 3500 BC, the Egyptians were using bitumen emulsion to protect the tombs against the flooding of the Nile. In fact, waterproofing is among the oldest trades, third only to carpentry and masonry. And yet, even in 2016, so many of us remain treacherously unaware of its integral importance in protecting our ...

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A Guide to Giving your Home a Mini Festive Makeover


With the start of the festive season, it is time to celebrate and give your home a sparkling makeover. The same environment can become monotonous over a period of time, so when the festive season starts it is a great time to make changes in your home which spell joy, laughter and positivity. Before indulging in significant alterations in your ...

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Health Hazards of Water Leakage in the Monsoon


The music of the falling rain is a welcome change after every harsh summer. Thoughts of a cosy, warm evening are always associated with the monsoons. But this wonderful is soon rained on (literally), if your home is not waterproofed. It is easy to put off repairs, year after year, citing financial reasons or inconvenience, but if you knew how ...

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Keep Away the Musty Monsoon Smell

keep away monsoon smell

During the monsoons, one of the problems that crops up inevitably in every home is a musty smell. There is so much dampness and humidity within the house that a musty smell sets in and pervades every corner of the house. This unpleasant smell stems from wet and damp clothes, shoes, closets and kitchen cabinets and other areas which tend ...

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