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Advantages of Using Adhesive over Conventional Cement Method


Conventionally, a cement paste was used to adhere tiles to a surface. However, innovations in construction technology have introduced a tiling adhesive which has a percentage of cement in it, but is superlatively more effective. The problems with using conventional cement Besides the lack of efficacy, there are real problems associated with using conventional cement to affix tiles. The consistency ...

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Let your home celebrate monsoon. Just Like You.


Yes, we’ve been praying to the rain gods for quite some time now, and news is that this year the rains will start early too. What a relief it’ll be won’t it? To have the cool wind caress your face as you drink tea on your window or balcony? Monsoons are nothing short of magical. But tell you what, monsoons ...

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2 Easy tip To Protect Your Building from Sun and Rain

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The biggest enemies of happy homes are perhaps two factors on which we have absolutely no control. The first being rain and the second, harsh heat. We’ve begun to witness soaring temperatures from the beginning of March, and I wonder what mid- May might do to the exteriors of our home. Heavy rains will follow on close heels, making it ...

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