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Get Your Home Spiffy in a Jiffy for the Festive Season


To be fair, any given month, in a country like ours (big on celebrations), usually has some festival being celebrated in one of its many parts. But as the year progresses rapidly through its later half, a bevy of festivals line up, and with them, the task of getting our homes ready for the army of guests and loved ones ...

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Home Keeping Tips for Monsoon


With the advent of rain, increased dampness, wet floors, mud marks and soiled rugs and carpets become difficult to manage, making home keeping more involved. One of the first things that one should do once rain sets in is to roll up all expensive carpets and keep them away. Wet shoes, dripping umbrellas and high humidity can soil carpets and ...

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Improve Outdoor Spaces Functionally and Aesthetically


It can be a boon to have balconies and small gardens when you are living in the city. Space is such a premium in cities that having any open area adjacent to your living room or bedroom can provide that vital breathing space which we crave so desperately. It therefore makes sense to utilize these open areas to the maximum ...

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Identifying problems with floor tiles


Imagine a perfect floor, with the tiles lined up accurately. Sometimes, tiles are the usual suspects when leakage problems surface. But there are several things that affect the condition of your tiles, and rather than jumping to conclusions, this post will tell you exactly how to identify your tiling problem. Loose Tiles: Does your tile sound hollow? Does stepping on ...

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