Revolutionary New Waterproofing And Insulation Products

A spanking new building looks beautiful. In order to maintain its charm and beauty for years, and protect it from damage, it needs to be waterproofed and insulated. Let’s understand why.

Why waterproof and insulate?

  • It’s a fact that most construction materials degrade after exposure to water, something inevitable in a country like ours, which receives heavy rains for two or more months in a year.
  • A key reason for waterproofing is because construction materials these days have reduced lime content in cement, which means that compaction is lesser, while the heat factor is more.
  • The need for waterproofing and insulation is emphasised if the usage of a building is high, which is definitely the case with residential bungalows and high-rise complexes.
  • In many cases, by the time signs of deterioration make themselves visible, the damage has already been done. For instance, when a low visibility area such as the roof leaks, water seeps in gradually, until the seepage reaches the top floor ceiling and the water drips or a large water stain appears.

Sustainability. A by-product of waterproofing and insulation is that your home or building needs few repairs and maintenance, and contributes less to landfills. Also, insulation ensures that buildings consume less energy – an important factor when it comes to saving the environment!
Waterproofing and Insulating products

Until recently, waterproofing and insulation were treated with separate products. However, recent technological breakthroughs have led to a single product that safeguards a building’s exteriors throughout the year because of its thermal plus waterproofing features.

Further, you will need a product that

  • Protects the exterior from harsh Indian summers, yet keeps the home cool
  • Makes up for the properties of lime lacking in RCC constructions, accommodates surface elongation and contraction
  • Substitutes the need for extra paint
  • Increases the life expectancy of interiors.

Dr.Fixit’s Raincoat Coool

This is a revolutionary product, the first of its kind available in India. It is a coating that offers waterproofing as well as insulation, which means your exteriors are protected, and indoor temperatures are up to 8 degrees cooler in summers.  While premium exterior paints have prohibitive costs, they are not equipped to protect a home from leakage during monsoons. Dr. Fixit’s Raincoat Coool is a high performance coating which provides complete waterproofing while at the same time has heat-deflecting properties that keeps the house cool.

If you incorporate waterproofing and insulation treatments right at the stage of planning and construction of a building, you can ensure that the building remains in excellent condition for an extended period of time.

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