Ready for Summer? The Insider’s Guide to Prep Your Outdoor Space for Fun

The summer has been unforgiving this year. With temperatures soaring over 97 F during the day, the evening breeze is a welcoming change. Who then needs to stay outdoors? The time spent outdoors has been a great motivator for me to indulge in a few DIY projects for the terrace and patio.

After a host of makeovers, it is no longer embarrassing to host a dinner party on the terrace or a snack party by the garden. And it is a rewarding way to keep the kids busy during the summer vacation.

Before summer hits your part of the world, prep your outdoor space with these easy ways. Space need not be a constraint; it can be a small balcony, a front porch, a backyard, or a sprawling terrace. Once you are done, relax with a cuppa all by yourself or entertain guests over food and music. Summer will then be a season of endless fun, and not sweat.

Look at the floors: summer is a good time to fix waterproofing problems in your terrace/balcony floor. To reduce the heat downstairs, we toyed with the idea of painting the terrace floor with a coat of Newcoat Cool. The reflective paint is said to lower temperatures by 4-5 degrees. The terrace flooring is often drab with red tiles. You can experiment with wood-like outdoor tiles.

Add a dash of colour: quirky elements of decor in the right measure can lift a space like no other like the red window below. These are simple projects you can do it yourself.


Paint those planters: get creative. You don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. I bought these planters at a throwaway price on a sale and painted them in shades of yellow and red. Now, these beauties are the showstoppers of my porch. Oh! don’t forget to plant and nurture your plumerias in them.

outdoor living space

Let there be light: for a dreamy evening, let the fairy lights do the trick. Buy a few lanterns and hang them with brackets. Convert mason jars into candle holders.

candle holders

Comfy seating? Hygge is the rage the world over now. All the hard work goes to waste if you or your guests cannot relax to enjoy the setting. Opt for a mixed, rugged outdoor seating. I got a few granite benches inlaid to the wall at different places throughout the terrace. For the garden area, I had a stone bench installed. You can also get outdoor chairs or wooden benches. Throw in a few cushions to bring in the warmth.

garden area

Cover up: If you have a huge open terrace, you may cover a part of it using terracotta tile or glass to give a sheltered look. Or, create a pergola. The monochromatic style of the terrace below with pops of colour in the controlled measure is classy.

garden with barbeque

Set up a bar: Opt for barbeque and bar appliances based on your space constraints. Sky is the limit on how far you want to take. If there is no dearth of space, create an elaborate seating with a bar area, rugs, sofas, and entertainment unit. To keep it minimal, have a small bar with a couple of bar stools and floor rugs.

Go green: Finally, no outdoor space is complete without landscaping and healthy plants. If you are short on time or don’t have a green thumb, opt for easy to maintain non-flowering plants.


So, shall we get to work on the outdoors with these ideas? Let’s hope the spruced up space helps you experience hygge over evenings spent with friends and family.

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