Neglected issues that must be looked after in your kitchen

A pivotal area in every home, the kitchen is a much-utilised space, which helps in keeping the family together with abundant food, prepared with love and warmth. Every homemaker’s pride, the kitchen could be equipped with the latest appliances and gadgets that can simplify the process of cooking and even help you enjoy it, however, if the kitchen is ill-maintained or if there is any other issue related to water seepage or cracks in tiles and floors, it can become a nightmare. Apart from the hassle of regular cleaning and maintenance, any other chronic issue can become a serious problem over time.

Some of the complications that can emerge in the kitchen are directly linked to its functional usage – use of water and the fact that there is a large amount of plumbing. In addition, if windows are not fitted perfectly in their frames it can lead to water ingress which in turn can slowly pose problems.

Similarly, any leakage in pipes, sink area or cracks in tiles on walls and floors must be addressed immediately to minimize the damage. Any water leakage if left undetected or unaddressed can also cause rotting of the wood in the cabinets, spoil stored food and other items and also cause pest infestation to grow. This not only leads to an unhygienic environment but can also pose a health hazard, endangering the well-being of your family.

Attempting to fix any leaky pipes or joints in the window frame by yourself or by using substandard products can be a futile exercise. That may temporarily resolve the issue but can cause even further damage while giving you a false sense of security.


It is, therefore, best to use the right product which is the best in the market to ensure a lasting solution. For instance, if there is a problem with improper joints in the window frame, then you must use Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant, which is an ideal silicone polymer based sealant that cures by absorption of moisture from the air to a highly elastic rubber-like seal. It is best suited for sealing of window frame joints and wall construction joints and can seal joints between different building construction materials such as glass-to-glass, glass to aluminum, concrete to wood among other materials. It is also easy to apply, is highly elastic and durable.
For other wet areas which may require waterproofing, you can use Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP, which is a multipurpose SBR latex based product for general repairs and economical waterproofing applications. It is highly versatile in its use, multi-purpose and economical, prevents cracking of cement by reducing shrinkage, and improves the adhesive strength of mixed mortar and it also bonds strongly old concrete to new concrete.
It is best to ensure regular maintenance and to not neglect your kitchen, which is prone to high moisture and water usage, and in case there is any issue that you spot, use the right products to resolve it.



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