Is Your Home Healthy? Check out the Healthy Home Calculator

It is a beautiful feeling to own a home, but remember it is equally important to take care of it in order to extend its life. It is also wonderful to present an excellently preserved and well-maintained home at all times.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we tend to neglect the maintenance of our house. We may forget to check the walls, ceiling, tiles, plumbing etc., on a regular basis and then ill effects show over time. Any building will suffer without proper maintenance and our homes are no different. Over a period of time there will be signs of wear and tear and the results will be visible to all. After all, weather elements, regular usage and occupancy are bound to raise repair issues. It could be cracks on the walls and ceiling, or signs of mould or other leakage problems. It essentially means you have to be alert and on the lookout for signs of trouble. Remember that these are not mere cosmetic issues but can also cause health problems for family members, especially children and the elderly. Additionally, these can result in concerns with the foundation and affect the integrity of the construction.

The build quality in terms of the construction and the materials used plays an important role in how well the building shapes up and withstands the ravages of time. Irrespective of this, every house requires regular maintenance to ensure that the home remains healthy.


‘Healthy Home Calculator’ for bungalows and apartments

These days when we are all so devoted to mobiles and smart gadgets, it would be wonderful to have an application which could take care of this for us. If only this could be possible with just a snap of your fingers and a click on your mobile or tablet screen? That would really be helpful and save us a lot of effort and trouble.

Fortunately it is that simple, the Healthy Home Calculator by Dr Fixit is an online quiz, which evaluates your home health for you. It ‘will show the simple signs of damage in your home and tell you if protective measures are needed’. You have to answer a few questions by simply choosing the right option available on your screen and the programme does the computation for you. It helps in evaluating the need and emergency of repair and maintenance and guides you towards experts who have vast experience in dealing with all forms of home repairs. The quiz caters to both bungalow owners and also people living in apartment complexes.

Right from multiple waterproofing solutions and tile fixing options, most of the problems such as cracks, leakages, mould and fungal growth can be easily addressed by using the right products.

Remember that it is important to take action right now to minimize maintenance costs and ensure your home health. This new year commit to a healthy home and check out this link The results displayed along with Red, Yellow & Green flashing signals indicate the ‘health’ of your home making it easy for you to take appropriate action.



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