Is Redevelopment an Alternative to Repairs?

Let’s admit it—we all love those TV shows that are all about transforming an old house or room badly in need of repairs into a fantabulous and sleek new space. It is almost magical to see the transformation of the room at the end of the show through the before and after pictures. The truth is, all that those houses needed were repairs of the most basic and menial kind to become a whole and functional unit again. But that would just make it the same dull place to live or work in! Another point to be noted about repairs is that over time, repairs will be needed again. There is only so long that a repair of any sort can hold up! Gradually things go back to the way they were and you end up having to put constant time and money into the same grey tasks.

Agreed, redevelopment is costlier than a single time repair. But in the long run, it will truthfully aid in saving more money! Carrying out the same repairs over and over again will empty out your pockets and another really disturbing fact— it will eventually start to make your place look shabby.

What are the cons of redevelopment? Yes, you will shell out a tad more than you would have preferred but the end results will surely woo anyone! It can transform an entire room and make it go from drab workplace to swanky office in a flash! It can turn a dull and depressing bedroom into the palace of your dreams! Or even when it comes to a building—it can transform a plain-looking building into a 21st century marvel!

Have you also considered this—it aids not only in improving the looks and the mood of a place, but it can also very cleverly avoid any repairs that need to be done! Imagine a part of your room’s wall that is always the victim of a pipeline leakage and looks like it has a hidden river flowing behind it. Rather than constantly breaking the wall, fixing the pipe and plastering and painting it; how about we change the concept of the wall? Perhaps transform that wall into a beautiful mosaic of tiles? Fixes the leakage problem superbly!

Compared to the added luxuries that redevelopment offers over repairs, it isn’t surprising that people opt for the former. Be it the redevelopment of a personal area like your living space or of a larger one like an entire building; redevelopment is the ultimate solution to leave behind all that is old and weathered and embark on a journey to establish a great 21st century moment.

So you see, with some clever usage of décor ideas and proper and thoughtful planning, we can avoid the timely, exhausting repairs and transform our living and working space into a whole new, user friendly and beautiful space! And with some cleverly placed ideas, one can also reduce the burden of a heavy redevelopment budget! I’m sure we have given you some ideas for pocket-friendly redecoration and redevelopment too!

What are you waiting for—get your 60-minute makeover show started!

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