Is Marble Flooring a Good Choice?

There’s an undeniable luxe element associated with marble. It is perceived that cost may have something to do with it, but as someone who has had the joy of living with a marble floor in a humid South Indian city, I can tell you that the attraction of marble has much to do with the incredible coolness it offers. Step in from the heat, and you are treated to the inviting coolness of marble, soothing your tired and hot feet!
But, is marble flooring a good choice – all things considered? Let’s find out.


1. It’s natural!
Marble is a natural, polished stone – so it’s a great choice for the building material. The natural tints and also the fact that no two tiles are identical gives marble a lovely appeal and an ethereal beauty!

2. It’s strong and long-lasting
With proper care and regular polishing, your marble can last a lifetime. Isn’t the Taj Mahal the best advertisement for marble’s long lasting beauty? Marble tiles are strong and you will find that they won’t chip or crack easily, like porcelain or vitrified tiles are prone to.


1. Costs
For a one-time installation, the cost of marble is now not really exorbitant as there are other tiling options that are more expensive. Also, for basic marble, the cost is pretty low, though the expensive versions are more durable. However, laying a marble floor is a time consuming and costly process.
2. Marble attracts stains
Unlike vitrified tiles, marble is a porous material, thus stains and spots, discoloration and yellowish tinges with age, are all a possibility. Maintaining marble is no doubt difficult, but with periodical polishes and care, you will love the way it lasts and lasts!

The beauty of your marble and its longevity has a lot to do with how well the tiles are laid. It’s important to ensure that the tiles are fixed by the professionals using the best marble adhesive in the market. Dr. Fixit Fevimate WMA is one such product. It is a white tile adhesive for marble and glass tiles. It is an adhesive with excellent waterproofing properties.

More on Marble

Marble shines the more it is cleaned. However, avoid strong cleaning detergents. A mild soap and lukewarm water are marble’s best friends. The warm water helps to dislodge grime more easily. Once in two or three years, get your marble polished by experts.

If you want to take your love for natural a step further, consider hiring a marble inlay artist. They are artisans who have done this work for years and are very skilled in creating the most beautiful focal points on your marble flooring. Check the inlay work on the image for a better idea.

So should you opt for marble flooring? Yes, if you are willing to give it a bit of attention and care, the marble will definitely serve you well!

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