Improve Outdoor Spaces Functionally and Aesthetically

It can be a boon to have balconies and small gardens when you are living in the city. Space is such a premium in cities that having any open area adjacent to your living room or bedroom can provide that vital breathing space which we crave so desperately. It therefore makes sense to utilize these open areas to the maximum and incorporate them in your living space as much as possible. Look for affordable and innovative ways to spruce up the outdoors and make it more functional and attractive.

This can be done by defining and creating active spaces where you physically utilise the space and make it part of your daily activity, or keep them as decorative areas which may not be used as actively but does add to the overall aesthetics and beauty of your environs. Of course, if you have a sufficiently large space you can turn it into a combination of functionality and aesthetics, which would be ideal.

A small balcony which does not have any space for seating can be converted into a garden with plants lined along the parapet and also suspended from the roof to create an energising oasis filled with greenery. Add flowering plants and creepers to make it more interesting and if it is visible from inside your living area, and perhaps also visible to those passing by, that can be a refreshing sight.


 A large enough balcony or a small terrace which can accommodate seating is suited to form a multi-functional space which provides an area for unwinding and can also support plants and other décor elements. It can be a perfect place to have a cup of coffee, to read a book or to simply relax in the sun. You can choose a theme for the décor and select accessories accordingly. Make sure you have enough privacy, which you can also enhance by having plants kept along the external wall or by adding blinds. Place furniture and accessories which are made of materials that are water resistant and which will not be spoilt by weather elements.

You could even put up a hammock or jhula in the balcony or garden to enhance the feeling of being in the open. But remember that you must customize these areas according to your lifestyle and requirements. Make changes and improvements that are practical, functional and inventive. You could even leave the open space with minimal intervention to ensure you can utilise that space for parties and get-togethers.

At the same time, the outdoors whether it is a balcony, verandah or garden, make sure it is maintained appropriately and there is waterproofing with a good quality material, for instance from the Roff product  range wherever required. Similarly, if you have tiles for the floor or the walls as décor, it would be a good idea to protect them better with the Roff range of tiling solutions to increase their lives and to avoid cracks and seepage.

The outdoors are perfect to extend your living areas, but if not maintained properly they can become an added burden for you!

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