Hygienic and easy to maintain: The new-age flooring solutions

Cleaning and maintaining the health of your house floorings can be one of the most stressful household chore. And, some may even identify themselves as the pitiful Cinderella, who was meant to wipe, scrub and swap the floor as a way of punishment by her evil twin sisters.
Well, snap out of it now! The good news is that we have some smart, easy and hygienic floor maintenance tips:

Tip 1: Be Regular

Yes, it sounds like an old-school advice. But, trust us it comes with a lot of merit. Think about it: Regular maintenance will reduce the burden of that BIG spring cleaning day; as you won’t have an accumulated pile of dust waiting for your attention. Besides, leaving dirt or dust on the floor for long will soon start abrading the surface of the floor, making it harder to clean. And, don’t forget all the health hazards that come with dust. So, all in all the old-school advice helps in reducing your Cinderella-like task of floor cleaning.

Tip 2: Cover up the surface


This is perfect for those who still can’t fathom the idea of regular cleaning. So, the trick is to place doormats at the entrance. This will keep additional dust from outside entering your home. You can use colourful or quirky doormats to add an element of freshness to your entrance.

Tip 3: Leave your shoes outside, please


In Japanese culture, shoes are often placed outside the house, and also the front part of the shoe is made to face in opposite side of the entrance of the house. The thought being it’s best to leave all the dirt and negative energies from entering your home. That’s an interesting practice to follow, right? Simply, keep all the evils out of home.

Tip 4: Plan your cleaning schedule
Planning in advance ensures that you don’t miss out on your sweeping, vacuuming or dust-mopping. The smart way to do is by setting a day of the week for each of the activity.

Tip 5: Know your floors


It’s important to know your flooring type, and what kinds of solutions work the best for your tiles. Remember, flooring surfaces require specific cleaning process based on their type. Thus, using wrong methods or formulas will eventually ruin the floor. For instance, if you are cleaning tile floorings, then you need to know what kind of finish your floor has. Cleaning solutions make like Roff Cera Clean for high-quality cleaning and degreasing solutions advice, “Test solution before using. Apply it in a corner of the area and observe for 24 hours for any change.”

So, be smart, be safe and go easy with floor cleaning to maintain health and longevity of your flooring.

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