How to select flooring for each room of your house

It is important to select flooring after careful consideration, as it has a large impact on your interiors and decor. It is also expensive and requires much effort to update periodically, it, therefore makes sense to pay attention to it during the construction of your home while remodeling.

Having said that, constant innovations in flooring materials, designs and patterns make it an attractive proposition and if there is any remodeling or renovation happening in your home, you may want to update your flooring with a more modern, better material, especially if your current flooring is damaged in any way or appears worn out.

The floor is one of the largest surfaces immediately visible as you enter a space. There are some basic criteria to consider when you select the flooring, such as the functional purpose of the room or area, its location, your lifestyle and budget. Different flooring materials and colours can be chosen for different rooms within a house or apartment, however experts advise that from any given point, more than three drastically different types of flooring should not be visible. Similarly, in terms of colour, there is greater cohesion when you have the same basic colour of flooring in your entire house but you can vary the material, texture and design.

It is also important to ensure that before the flooring process, waterproofing solutions are effectively carried out. Tiles are one of the most popular options for practically every part of the home. Available in various sizes, colors, finishes, textures and designs, these can complement all interiors and decor styles. Before you go ahead with the flooring and invest a large amount of money, ensure that you use the best quality tiling solutions which will enhance your flooring and last long.

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Living room and Bedroom: This is an area where you can have a formal sophisticated look, and also opt for a more expensive flooring material depending on your budget. Marble and granite both look amazing and are a great option for the living room and also the bedrooms to give it a luxurious look. Similarly, wood flooring is very popular right now and offers a lot of variety. Wood laminates are also a good option as they offer the same look of wood but are a more environment-friendly option. Bamboo as a flooring material is also popular right now but gives a more informal look.

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Kitchen: Requires a heavy duty surface which can withstand accidents and spills. The flooring surface must be durable, easy to clean and non-porous. Vitrified tiles are a good option for the kitchen. So is linoleum, which is available in various finishes such as stone and wood, it is easy to clean and also looks great. Ensure that all the edges are sealed properly so that no water seeps in.

Bathrooms: As the surface is exposed to water and moisture, it is important to select a material which is non-porous and also non-skid. Textured tiles are a good option for the bathroom and they minimize slippage and are easy to clean and maintain. It is also important to ensure that all tile joints are sealed perfectly with good adhesives and sealants. You may also want to select and match the grout with the tile color to give a seamless finish.

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