How To Make A Stone Flower Pot Using Grout

Grout! Sounds like a serious construction medium- one of which you have heard once in a while when someone talked about tiles, but didn’t really took all that effort to remember, right? Tell you what? It’s a super fun medium for art projects too.

As a matter of fact, those beautiful tile-mosaic and stone-mosaic flower pots that you see is all a matter of grout and patience. Take a look at this DIY stone flower pot tutorial that you can make at home quite easily and one that takes a metal bucket and simple river stones to a whole new artsy level.

Things you need to make a stone flower pot:  

An aluminum or tin can or bucket or terracotta flowerpot

Tile adhesive

Grout (sanded or nonsanded)

Putty knife


Stones- preferably smooth one like river rocks or pebbles. You can only use glass marbles.

NOTE: Before you start, punch a few holes at the bottom of the can/bucket with a thick nail and hammer.

How to make a stone flower pot using grout How to make a stone flower pot using grout

How to Make a Stone Flower Pot with grout

To begin with, spread a thick layer of all-purpose tile adhesive on the flower pot and arrange your stones. You might have to work in sections, or add a layer of mesh to keep them from falling. A tip is to use gravity to your advantage. Invert the bucket/flowerpot and start from the rim. By doing so you will be resting the first layer of stones against the surface you are working or at least you can keep heavy things against it to keep it in its place. If you make it upright and start adding stones, it will slide.

Because I had Roff White Adhesive lying around I used the same and I would advise on doing the same too. It is a blended polymer modified cement based powder tile adhesive that offers great strength and durable adhesion even in water and high temperature. Keeping the fact in mind that your flower pot will be outdoors and would receive a daily dose of heat and water, it’s best to use nothing but the best. {Please follow instructions for mixing on package}

Once you have arranged your stones, allow it to rest for a day.

Now, mix grout. {Follow instruction on package} To be honest, I never followed instructions on package other than wearing protective gloves. Just remember the consistency should be of cake batter. You can use Roff Grout GP or general purpose for the same.

Step 4: applying grout. Now, I would ask you to use a putty knife and spread grout all over the stones but it does not work. It’s time consuming and the putty knife being a linear tool does not help in spreading grout in the crevices or joint between two rocks. Hence, gloves. With your hand spread grout evenly on the stones making sure that it covers the entire flower pot. Let it dry for about an hour.

Step 5:  With a wet sponge and gentle hands rub away excess grout from the flower pot, working one section at a time. Dry for a night and your beautiful stone flowerpot is ready to use! Or should we say show off?

Plant a coloured flowering shrub or bring it in to host your Christmas tree, depending upon the size of the flower pot you have chosen- a stone flowerpot adds instant sophistication to any corner! Quite effortlessly!

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