How does foundation waterproofing strengthen the entire structure/building?

A building’s foundation or that of a house is literally what holds the whole structure together, more accurately what the home is built on. A weak foundation results in a weaker structure. Foundations are subjected to a variety of problems and the most prominent and common of these are the problems caused by dampness and water logging.
Water logging in the soil at the base of the foundation leads to swelling up of the soil and wet soil around the foundation also causes problems like dampness in basements which further paves way for mould formation. Waterproofing solutions like damp-proofing keep out soil moisture whereas waterproofing keeps out both soil moisture and liquid water, making it an ideal solution. Foundation waterproofing provides an impermeable barrier to water over the walls and helps increase the walls’ resistance and strength.


Prevents dampness:

A waterproofing coating on the exterior of the foundation prevents water and water vapour from passing through. Waterproofing material is also mixed with cement to make it withstand the effects of moisture. This is more beneficial and helps to strengthen the material used to build the structure with. This method is called integral waterproofing. Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP should be used to strengthen the bonding of new and old concrete & plaster.

Helps seal cracks:

Waterproofing also helps to seal small cracks and splits that form on the wall due to moisture. Waterproofing works on the principle of crystals that form to act as water-resistant molecules between the cement molecules. In areas with higher moisture content, more crystals form and this, in turn, increases waterproofing while also effectively sealing any cracks formed.

Makes wall resistant to mechanical damage:

Along with providing protection against water, this extra layer of coating also prevents minor mechanical damage from affecting the wall. Generally, walls with waterproofing abilities have a shinier and easily cleanable texture. It also prevents damage from other factors like moulds and fungus by ensuring that the moist conditions required for their growth are absent.

Increases durability and strength:

The protection from moisture stress gives a healthier and more durable wall, devoid of cracks and fungal growth. This, in turn, provides a strong base foundation for the erected structure over it and ensures that the need for maintenance and repairs will be minimal and just a follow-up. This is not only efficient in terms of minimal maintenance requirements, but also is economically efficient.

Some important tips to be noted:

The surface of the wall must be smooth and any existing particulate matter or protrusions should be removed.
Waterproofing can be by using sheet products or even by spray-on products. Sheet products are attached both vertically and horizontally to the outer wall all the way down to the drain and spray-on products are sprayed multiple times and coated with another layer of rubber or latex paint.

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