Home renovation mistakes that can ruin festivities

Festivals offer a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends, but, before that happens and you swing into a celebratory mode, remember that it is a good time to spring clean the house, discard old and unwanted objects, and renovate and paint the house. You can also take stock of all the repair and renovation work that is required and do an estimation of the time that it would take. Ensure that you commit to only what is possible in the given timeframe so that quality is taken care of. The last thing you want is to opt for quick fixes which can backfire and result in major expenses later on.

If there are damp walls, which is quite possible since rains have been quite heavy this year, consult experts to find out the root of the problem before trying to cover it up with a coat of paint. Painting over damp spots on the wall will temporarily cover up the dampness but will not eliminate the problem at all. After a while and perhaps during the festival itself, the dampness will become visible once again and the wall may appear patchy and flaky, ruining your festive décor. The main issue which is of leakage and inadequate waterproofing needs to be addressed first.

For instance, in an attempt to give a new look to your home, if you buy expensive art and then hang them over walls which may have some dampness, or try to cover up damp spots on the walls with expensive paintings and other accessories, you will have great looking walls but only for a short time. Not only will your artifacts get damaged, but the dampness will also spread and affect a larger part of the interiors. Furniture and furnishings are likely to get spoiled too in the long term and you will end up redoing all the renovation work.


Similarly, it might be tempting to replace tiles in the kitchen and the bathrooms with new and attractive designs for an entirely new look, but if there is any seepage in the walls or flooring or any leaky plumbing, the renovation is going to be short-lived. All tiles will have to be removed once again and redone. Imagine the expenses and the effort!

Also, if you are considering installing new carpets or rugs make sure the flooring is completely waterproofed and dry else it might damage your expensive purchase. You may put up additional decorative lights and fairy lights around the house to enhance the decor. In such a case, you may run electrical wires along walls, but you must be extremely cautious and avoid contact with wet surfaces. Again, fix issues with dampness before decorating with lights.

It is clear then that any renovation that you take up now before festivals must be undertaken only after addressing problems with dampness and seepage. Consult and employ experts who will offer quality, long lasting waterproofing solutions at reasonable rates. Once waterproofing is complete, only then take on decorative alterations to avoid renovation disasters.


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