Home Improvement: Selecting Proper Flooring

A perfect floor can beautifully offset your furniture, accessories and even walls. Right from colours, materials, patterns, textures and durability, selecting the right flooring is also linked to the functionality of the space. You should always select the flooring based on:

  • How much traffic will be there in that area?
  • What about food and liquid spillage?
  • Is it in a moisture and dampness heavy area such as the kitchen or bathroom?
  • Is it outdoors, for instance, the terrace, balcony or verandah?

For each of these criteria, you would have to consider specific flooring materials designed to withstand humidity, heavy footfalls, heat, and other factors which may be critical to that space. Therefore the flooring used must be in conjunction with its location, space usage and must be a product designed specifically keeping in mind these factors. If you are renovating, and already have furniture and woodwork in place, then you may have to keep this in mind while laying a new flooring material.


Once you have these aspects worked out, look for products that are suitable for that particular area. Next you can consider the aesthetic and design elements of the flooring, for instance, stone or ceramic tiles are apt for outdoor areas, you can then select colours, patterns, size, and the thickness according to your budget, requirements, and sensibilities. Consider the look of the entire space that you desire once the flooring is complete. It helps to look at various floor samples before finalizing. There are constant innovations in design and materials, therefore do check out what is new in the market.

Functionality: For kitchens, you require a durable material that will not stain or scratch easily, and therefore when you select the flooring, keep in mind the functional aspect of the kitchen. Similarly, you would select the flooring for the living room, lobby, dining room and bedrooms. In areas which have less traffic and high visibility, the aesthetics can take preference. You could select hardwood floors, wood laminates, large tiles in artificial stone textures, luxury vinyl or plush carpets – these are some of the options that you could explore. You could also look for more eco-friendly options.

living room

Lifestyle: Also keep in mind your lifestyle, for instance, do you wear outside shoes at home, because if you do, then you have to be careful about leaving wet and dirty shoes in a corner before stepping on to an expensive carpet. What about pets, do you have them running all over the house?

If you or a family member is prone to allergies, then carpets and rugs may not be a good idea, especially wall to wall carpeting.

Budget: Do an estimate for the cost of the flooring material in that area. Also consider the upkeep of the flooring material. How much effort and maintenance will it require to keep it in sparkling condition? Ideally, a low maintenance flooring surface is best.

Ensure that the flooring material which you select can be layed on by labour which has expertise in dealing with that material. For instance, if you opt for marble or granite flooring, it is important to have it fitted perfectly.

The perfect floor is a blend of aesthetics, design, cost and functionality, so go ahead and do your research before finalizing on one.

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