Home is where the heart is. There is no place that makes us feel more comfortable and relaxed after a hard day at work other than our own home. A house built out of sheer love and passion can reflect the personality of the owner in its own unique way. If you think that your house is a bit undone and needs a makeover, you can get started with these easy home decorating ideas to get the perfect look for your house right away. These simple home decoration tips are easy to follow and deliver an outcome so amazing that you’d never want to leave your house again!

Living Room

Lift the energy in the living room by adding bold colour to one of the walls. You can also retain a neutral colour palette and use furniture and accessories to do the trick instead. Add layers of textures in the form of oversized pillows.

Make it interesting by choosing home décor online such as adding a vintage coffee table or an asymmetrical book shelf. Moreover, living room designs for small spaces should be based on optimum space utilisation that involves adding a light coloured rug, setting up a cosy reading spot in the corner and so on. If you want a minimalistic look, you can incorporate a dark wooden flooring complemented by furniture that is light coloured, preferably white.

Choose your living room style to match your family’s personality. This room must be warm and inviting for visitors so that they feel instantly at ease. Avoid hard chairs and uncomfortable furnishings. Ensure that everything in this room is sturdy and durable as it will experience a lot of wear and tear.


White signifies peace in home design and kitchen décor. Paint your kitchen walls white for a relaxed and soothing ambience. Incorporating checkerboard tile work will add some depth to the space and also give it an exciting look. Alternatively, you can also opt for an impactful colour such as mustard yellow for your drawers, doors and cabinets. Incorporate a backsplash that goes well with the primary colour of your kitchen and make it the focal point by adding graphic textures. An effective small kitchen design would incorporate open shelves and emphasise large windows with thin curtains. When it comes to storage units, drawers are a preferable option since they are convenient and easy to reach. Hanging oversized frames on an otherwise empty wall will make the room look larger and make it visually appealing as well.


A bathroom is usually on the bottom of the priority list when it comes to decorating our homes. However, if given the necessary attention, a small bathroom too can be magically transformed into a luxurious one where you can take a relaxing bath. Use freestanding mirrors and opt for bathroom tile designs that accentuate the appearance of the bathroom and magnify the space. A great combination would be white walls complimented with a blue coloured bathroom tile design that will bring a sense of peace and calm and create a spa-like ambience. You can choose your home décor online such as medium sized wicker baskets or antique accessories to utilize your corners in the most efficient way. Remember that it is this attention to detail that will make your bathroom reflect your personality.


A beautiful master bedroom design is one of the most sought after home decoration ideas. Start by adding a bold or patterned wallpaper to accentuate one wall in your bedroom. Let the other walls retain a neutral colour like cream and grey. You can also hang your or your child’s framed artwork to the wall to grab attention and make it a little fun. Add little bursts of colour such as an antique red quilt to highlight the neutral colour. You can also opt for a rustic bedroom design by adding a vintage chandelier or a bookshelf complimented by running shades of orange throughout the room. Don’t forget to add layers of texture such as rugs and curtains and let the light flood in through the windows. Add plump cushions and fluffy pillows for a luxurious feel.

Remember that you bedroom must be comfortable above all else. Prioritise finish and material over aesthetics because this is the room where you will spend 1/3rd of your day, every day.


Indian house exterior designs are highly dependent on the weather conditions in the country. The exterior walls of our houses need to be protected from the scorching heat and the pouring rains. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t look beautiful. You can opt for a beige colour to paint the exteriors. This will give your house a luxurious look and also impress your visitors.

Exterior house designs of small houses can also incorporate a combination of colours such as yellow and grey to make it fun and appealing. Kick it up a notch with textures such as brick and wood that can be added to exteriors that are otherwise plain and boring. However, don’t forget to waterproof your house using a thick waterproofing solution to avoid water seepage during the monsoons.

If you have a garden or yard, pay attention to the landscaped so that the indoors and outdoors flow in one unified design aesthetic. This will create a holistically appealing space that is sure to impress visitors.

These home decorating ideas can help you get that dream house you’ve always wished for. So use them wisely and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and your favourite colours. Last but not the least, it is your house, so make sure that the design is appealing and doesn’t compromise on comfort at all.

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