Granite counter tops- dos and don’ts

Granite countertops look beautiful in kitchens and wash areas. Most sources of home decorating ideas recommend that you use granite counter tops when you sift through home renovation ideas or are looking for options to buy new countertops. Granite is great for such areas, but it’s always good to be aware of how to care for your granite counter tops, so as to protect your investment.

granite countertop for kitchensWhy granite is the perfect countertop for kitchens

Granite looks good, and it is a cool, durable worktop for kitchen activities. Most baking recipes call for kneading dough on a cool surface, and granite is perfect for it.

The concerns with granite

Granite by itself is a great material, but the concerns arise when it is not installed properly. There is the possibility of chipping and cracking. A proper sealer is a must during granite installation.

Granite does not easily attract stains, but sometimes it does, and the stains need to be treated immediately, or they will be harder to remove. There are specific treatments for each type of granite stain.

granite for living room

How to care for your granite

  • Use trivets under hot vessels
  • Mop up spills immediately
  • Stay away from generic cleaning products. Instead, use baking soda to clean your granite countertops.
  • To keep your granite in great condition, you need to wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. If you have to wash it down do so only using water, and not detergent. Detergents are known to stain granite.
  • When a new granite installation takes place, make sure a water resistant tile grout is used to seal the joints and edges. Doing so will make the granite both water and mould resistant. Roff Stoneguard Water-based (WB) is an excellent product for this job. Sealing ensures that the granite remains fairly stain resistant. Use a heavy-duty sealer especially meant for granite.

granite for washbasin

Most people tend to think that granite is low maintenance. When they realise that it is prone to stains as well as any other countertop, they shy away from using it. However, granite is really a great option for a countertop, as long as you are careful and sensible when using it. Get into the habit of keeping the countertop empty, other than essentials. This makes it easier to dust the entire surface and notice fresh stains.

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