Give Your Home A Mini Makeover With Colourful Tiles

We all want our home to be a beautiful abode filled with warmth and comfort; a unique space with a timeless look. An extensive remodeling is often on our minds, but an elaborate overhaul can be a daunting task. But with a little planning, and some out-of-the-box thinking, you can achieve a stunning mini-makeover for your ideal home, with just a fraction of the cost and effort involved in a complete makeover. While we all look around for inspirations in themes, colours and décor, you can create a significant home transformation using just one simple element of décor – Tiles.

Those days when choosing a tile meant picking one of the few ceramic designs available in the market are long gone. There is a wide assortment and varied choices to choose from – there is always something to fit your budget and sensibilities. You can pick a design and shade of your choice, and tiles, with their endless versatility are not limited to only your kitchen and bathrooms anymore. Read on for a few pointers on using tiles to change the look of your entire home.

The living room is the face of the home. It’s where you welcome your guests, meet family members and friends. This is where tile flooring can infuse newness and warmth into your entire room. While your flooring should typically complement the overall look and feel of a room, there is always space for experimenting with some vivid colours. Adding thoughtful contrasts and colourful tiles to highlight neutral floor tiles will immediately elevate the look of your space. The key to using brighter, bolder colours is to know when and where to add them to your design. Add a subtle pop of colour to break the neutral pattern on the floor. You could add a row of coloured glass accent tiles or decorative tiles to your floor.


Tiles, of course, need not be confined to the flooring. In a neutral living room or bedroom room, an accent wall adorned with tiles can bring in the much needed energy, while making the entire space look brand new. The key here is to pick the right wall to be your showpiece — you want one with a strong focal point or the one that’s directly across from the door.

Monochromatic tile design is a great way to amp-up the style quotient of your room’s design without overwhelming it with too much colour. Monochromatic design uses layers of different shades of the same hue. When done tastefully, this approach will transform any bathroom or kitchen into a sophisticated space. For adding an extra element of visual allure to the space, add a mosaic backsplash that complements the colour on the walls.

Neutral shades are a popular pick for most bathrooms and kitchens, because in a small space, colour might seem too extreme a décor choice. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Break the monotony of a neutral wall with stunning rows of glass or ceramic tiles and inject new life into a space you’ve lived with for many years. A grid of vivid, mismatched tiles can turn your kitchen into a talking point for your visitors. A colourful border of accent tiles can add an edge to your kitchen and bathroom backsplash.


Things to keep in mind before planning your mini makeover with tiles—
• When choosing your tiles, think long term. Choose a colour and pattern that adds value to your current décor.
• This seems obvious, but use only quality tiles. It’s a tough and expensive call to change once the tiles are already laid.
• It’s time to think beyond ceramics. Tiles now come in an extremely wide variety of materials and style options, appropriate for various surfaces.
• If installed or aligned in the improper fashion, even the best tiles can ruin your decor. It is always best to hire professional help for this.

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