Get Your Home Spiffy in a Jiffy for the Festive Season

To be fair, any given month, in a country like ours (big on celebrations), usually has some festival being celebrated in one of its many parts. But as the year progresses rapidly through its later half, a bevy of festivals line up, and with them, the task of getting our homes ready for the army of guests and loved ones who love to drop by while the celebrations are on.

I have been there and I know that all the customs and traditions, though full of positive energy, can take a toll with all their intricacies and rituals. Add to that the unenviable task of cleaning, dusting, mopping, scrubbing and maybe even painting the house, it becomes extremely important to have a plan. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a perfect host, with a sparkling home, and a dazzling smile! Let’s do our own small bit with this small list of ways to handle the house-cleaning without losing your cool.

Clutter Busters
Let go of all that you don’t need. Usable clothes you haven’t worn in a while, old stationary, shoes, ancient jars in the kitchen cabinets, food that might have expired, craft supplies, and all those things that clog our space and make the house look untidy. With all the extras boxed, bagged and gone, you now have a level ground that will make it easier to tackle the dirt and grime.

Get Listed
Festivals are a busy time, and even the most proficient multi-taskers may realize too late that they managed to completely overlook something important during the pre-festival binge cleaning. Take no chances, and make a list. This also helps you prioritize, and list what needs to be done pronto, and what can wait till the very last moment. Simply by being organized you can get things done faster, leaving you with more time for secondary cleaning tasks.

Unleash Those Cleaning Products
I am not talking about your regular floor mopping disinfectant liquid. I take this opportunity to remind you that there is an army of home-cleaning agents out there – for marble floors, for bathroom tiles, for sofa covers, for kitchen sinks. I always advise investing in specialized cleaning products because I have noticed first-hand the difference they make to the cleaned surface. And the biggest bonus – because of their targeted action, they do marginally reduce the amount of elbow grease you’d normally end up using.

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One Step at a Time
Don’t go all superhero on your house cleaning; just focus all your efforts on one area of your home at a time. Give it a good, thorough cleaning, and finish it completely before you move on to the next part. It will make you more productive because you won’t be bone tired at the end of the day. I usually start with the kitchen, move on to the bedrooms, the living room, all the windows, and finally the bathrooms, but feel free to create your own flow.

If you have to discard the rest of the advice and pick up any one tip from this list, make it delegation. I have learned this the hard way, trying to do everything on my own, and ending up exhausted. Get everyone in the family involved in house cleaning. Give them small tasks they can accomplish on their own, with little or no supervision. This works well on so many levels. It makes house cleaning a family bonding exercise, makes everyone feel involved, and takes a lot off your head and hands.

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Finally, and this is more of life advice than an expert tip. Go easy on yourself, will you? This is festival time, and a time to enjoy those timeless traditions we revere and cherish. Don’t get so engrossed and obsessed with perfection that you forget to have fun. Because nothing creates warmth in a home like a happy, relaxed, rested hostess.

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