Freedom from Dampness

It’s India’s Independence week; and every August, this time of the year, freedom is the buzz word in our media networks, social media and institutions. But are we really free? Yes and no. Apart from the raging social and economic problems we are struggling to untangle, everyday problems like the dampness and mold in our homes are something that we need to be free from too! Mold is a very serious problem, and this Independence Day is a great opportunity to help keep make India mold-free!

Why is freedom from dampness such a big issue?

It may look like an innocent wet patch on your walls, but there’s more to dampness and mold than lack of aesthetics!

*Mold and dampness cause structural damage. The monsoon, especially, is a time when we hear of unfortunate building collapses. Structural damage can prove fatal to the inhabitants of a building. Freedom from mold will save many such tragedies!

* A moldy space is not a healthy space. Allergies, coughs, respiratory problems, and even toxicity are all serious health problems that can be avoided by freeing our spaces from mold and moisture! According to a 2009 WHO report, about 1.5 million deaths each year are associated with bad quality of indoor air, including that caused by mould and dampness.

* Mold can be not just bad for our physical health, but also for our mental ill-health, manifested in the form of depression.

How to stop mold from developing?

Sub-standard construction methods are the biggest cause of seepage and leakage which is evident especially during the damp Indian monsoons. However, if your builder has overlooked this important factor, you will need a good waterproofing solution to protect your walls and the roof. Looking into construction shortcomings is the first step in preventing mold. Dr.Fixit is a line of products from Pidilite that can be used for waterproofing and repair for both new & old constructions

Mold prevention can free us from health problems and worries

Mold thrives in a damp and humid environment. By ensuring a moisture-free home, you will be able to prevent mold. Be vigilant, and even watch homes and outdoor surfaces in your neighborhood.

Let’s work together to make India mold-free! Jai Hind!

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