Freedom from Dampness: Invest in a Healthy and Happy Home

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
Maya Angelou

As we gear up to celebrate our 70th Independence Day, it calls for a moment to take pride in our freedom and be grateful for it. At the same time, we must remember that with freedom comes responsibility which necessitates a commitment to better living, a stronger society and a great nation. Every significant movement gains momentum only over a period of time. It starts small with individual actions and then grows into a phenomenon which has a widespread and lasting impact.

Our homes are our immediate domains, and we and our family are responsible for the health, happiness and success of every member. And therefore, before we change the world we must commit to making a positive change in our immediate surroundings that is our homes.

‘Freedom from Dampness’ is an initiative by Dr Fixit which aims to liberate every citizen from the ill effects of dampness in their homes. It is a crucial step towards a quality life and an improved health. An initiative such as this can only succeed when you do your part and become committed wholeheartedly. This cause dedicated towards a stronger nation has the potential to make India healthier and more productive. A happy home is a huge step towards a joyful nation that can only thrive when its citizens do.

A critical step towards happiness is good health and you can be healthy only when your environment is clean, hygienic and healthy. For this, one of the factors that you need to address is to ensure that your home is free from dampness and leakage. Look for any signs of moisture on the walls, ceiling or floor and if present, tackle it immediately to arrest the problem and to resolve it effectively. Similarly, broken tiles and plumbing issues can lead to water seepage and cause health issues.

But, why suffer unnecessarily when the solution is simple, readily available and effective. Waterproofing your home can significantly reduce the growth of mould and fungi, and ensure that a healthy environment is created.

Freedom from Dampness
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All you have to do is, conduct a regular check of your walls, ceiling and floor and look for damp patches, dark grey, green and white spots and other indications of moulds. Make sure you inspect all areas which are exposed to the weather elements, as these are more likely to have seepage. Also, inspect the structure with the help of an expert (if necessary) to ensure its strength, and the roof, bathroom, and exterior and interior walls –  as these are more prone to seepage issues and can allow dampness to seep in.

Essentially, you must look out for problem areas and seal them with a good quality and long lasting waterproofing product such as Dr Fixit to ensure a durable solution and freedom from dampness and its ill effects.

Make a commitment today to a better health and participate in this Independence Day initiative by saying no to dampness.

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