Decorating with Tiles

Tiles add an interesting and functional dimension to home decorating. It’s not just floors that look great with tiles, but it’s also your walls and your landscapes that will really stand out with tiling. Let’s look at some outstanding yet doable home design ideas in tiling, and economical home renovation ideas.

Use listellos in indoor wall tiles

indoor wall tiles

Listellos are a fancy word for a break in tile design, with another design such as a border or a thin line of tiling. It cuts the monotony of a large expanse of tiling, and also adds layers such as accent value, texture, visual interest, or colour to your tiling.

Use tiles in unexpected areas

tiles in unexpected areas

One of the ways to win with interior design is to add an element of surprise. Tiles are a great way to do this, by introducing them in areas where you normally wouldn’t see them. In a stairway for instance, they would purely be decorative on the vertical lines of each step.

Mix in a few decorative tiles

decorative tiles

This does the same work as a listello, by breaking up the monotony. Intersperse regular tiles with decorative tiles – either moulded, embossed, decal’d or similar, and arrange them in between your regular tile palette. When you mix up decorative tiles with normal tiles, it really stands out and attracts attention to the pattern.  You could also take this idea to an extreme by using just one or two decorative tiles instead of a few. This cuts costs but improves the décor value of the space.

Use stone tiles to make a statement

Polished and unpolished stone such as granite and limestone make lovely earthy additions to your décor. For rough-hewn tiles ensure that you mix the grout with a good quality latex additive such as Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

Metal Tiles

The new range of metal tiles look lovely, in their shiny copper, brass or stainless steel avatars. They are perfect for accent style statements on interior walls in your living room décor, as a stunning headboard area artwork in your bedroom, or for the backsplash in the kitchen.

Landscape with tiles

Landscape with tiles

Cobblestones, stepping stones, outdoor tiles such as patio and deck tiles, are wonderful new options when you build your own house. The tiles should be carefully chosen depending on the use. For instance, a barbeque alcove may need fireproof tiles, while the area near a pool will need non-slip waterproof tiles. A patio and balcony will look great with decorative tiles placed aesthetically. Terraces require special tiles and attention to terrace waterproofing methods.

Don’t neglect the way you fix your tiles

There is a mind-boggling choice of style and design of tiles. But what’s really important is how you lay them. Remember, different types of tile need to be bonded to the floor differently, based on its intrinsic properties. Adhesion, shrinkage, water-proof properties, flexibility, curing, traffic in case of floor tiles are only some of the many considerations that we have to weigh. And based on these properties, one has to choose the right tiling adhesive and grout.

For instance, for marble and heavy duty floor tiles, Dr.Fixit Fevimate PA is the ideal adhesive. Dr. Fixit Fevimate TG is a grout specifically formulated for stone tiles. For normal tiles, Dr. Fixit Modern Tile Adhesive is a polymer modified cement based powder adhesive and a huge improvement over the conventional tile-laying method. Using the right grout and the right adhesive goes hand-in-hand with choosing the right tile for your space. Never neglect the important technical aspects of home decorating, as this will save you time and money, while the beauty of well-laid tiling in the happy home lasts for a very long time!

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