Decorating the Bathroom

There’s more to ideal bathrooms than the perfect plumbing and fixtures. Beautifying our bath spaces is now as important as doing up the rest of the interiors. And with good reason too. A washroom that is aesthetically pleasing can do much to help us start the day well; when guests are over, it is important that our washrooms are decorated beautifully and make them feel welcome. Here are some tips on decorating your bathrooms

Paint it right

Colours are the best way to bring the right mood to a space, and bathrooms are no exception. While traditional colours such as white or cream are still in use, robin’s egg blue, madder red and buttercup yellow, mint green and azure are also getting popular. The idea is to transform a space correctly – a darker colour would suit a bigger space, and a lighter shade would suit a smaller space.









Organize and Store

For a bathroom that is regularly in use, say the master bathroom, or the kids’ bathroom, it makes sense to have a large, roomy storage space, preferably just under the sink. Ensure that the area is always kept dry. Another popular space is over the WC.  It’s a much under-utilised space, but it can be the perfect storage area for washroom supplies such as cotton balls, sanitary napkins, wash cloths, and spare towels. Ensure that the storage shelves and areas are kept clean and dry, and that your supplies are stored well. Caddies and trays are a great way to keep things within reach, yet properly stored.


Bathroom fittings and fixtures
You could play around with the colours of the fixtures such as the WC and the tiles. You could opt for a beautiful, modern sink. Beautiful artisan-made sinks are quite the rage these days. You could also opt for brass taps and fixtures for a vintage look. There are a lot of new designs in the market, and I urge you to go and have a look yourself in case you are refurbishing your bathrooms, or building new ones.




When it is too much work to buy new fittings and fixtures, or give the tile work an overhaul, accessories will come to the rescue. From shower curtains to wall decals, beautiful ceramic toothbrush holders, or funny bathroom signs, towel hooks and mirrors, there are several ways to perk your bathroom up with the right accessories. My favourite guest bathroom fix is to lay out beautifully-done up baskets with  and a pretty flower in a tiny glass container. You could also place a single flower on top of the rolled up towels for a spa-effect. A touch of green or a pot of flowers is a very economical decorating idea too.

It’s the little touches that leap to the fore when you decorate a bathroom . So go ahead, bring alive this truly private space. Refresh your bathroom to help you relax and rejuvenate better!

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