Decorating Special – Decorating With Tiles in the Living Room

Decorating a home is an exciting process and whether you are a novice or an experienced interior designer, working on your own home is much more rewarding. Having said that, while embarking on a decorating project it is better to break it up into smaller segments so that the task at hand does not appear too daunting. Walls, flooring, furniture, accessories, lighting, colours, patterns and textures are some of the factors that you need to consider individually and cohesively.

For instance, the living room tends to be the hub of all activities, not only is it frequented by family members, but it is also an area where you receive visitors. The décor for this room should be a combination of elements which emphasise on comfort, warmth, style and charm. This can be done easily by carefully selecting colours and materials of the furniture and accessories, along with the colours on larger surfaces such as the walls and the floor.

The flooring is of high importance in décor and literally sets the groundwork for any design plan. A beautiful floor material will set the tone for the living space and display all furniture and accessories to their advantage. Fortunately there are numerous choices in flooring – from various types of tiles, natural stones, synthetic materials and wood – the range available is vast enough to please any connoisseur.

Materials that mimic natural designs and textures, tiles with designs, stone or ceramic tiles and those made of a combination of materials offer a wide array of options for any décor. Depending on the overall theme of the space, you can choose flooring tiles that complement the design concept. For instance, according to vintage, modern, floral or country themes you can select tiles in specific colours, finishes, sizes, patterns and textures to consolidate the effect.



In fact, flooring materials are available in such a wide range that instead of simply coordinating with the rest of the décor, these can be stunning artworks by themselves. Innovative designs and finishes make it possible for the floor to become the centre of attention. Once you have the right flooring in place, you can accessorize accordingly to create a cohesive look. Choose area rugs and carpets sparingly so that you do not distract attention from the beauty of the floor.



However usage of tiles is not limited to the floor – you can also create textures on walls, have murals and artworks done on walls. Digital printing on tiles is another innovation which allows customization so that you can print your favourite photographs on the tiles and display them on the walls. You can opt for large sizes to create dramatic tiled artworks.

As there are numerous possibilities with using tiles in home décor, it makes sense to take a look at the various options in the market for the latest styles and also see Roff tiling solutions to have the best possible finishes which will last for a long time.

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