Decorating month special: Outdoor

I love the outdoors and I adore talking about outdoor decor. From elegant landscaped gardens to sweet porches; from quaint patios to elaborate gazebo canopies and from sprawling stretches of greens to a small city balcony—my love for outdoor decor is undying and what better time to talk about outdoor decor than summer.

On Happy Homes Decorating Month Specials I am talking about how to decorate your outdoor space and it’s going to be a very summery affair. Join me on this virtual high-iced-tea and take a look at these easy outdoor decor ideas that you can execute even in small spaces:

Opt for window boxes

I love window boxes and there is no better way to add a little oomph to your outdoors than with a window box. Plant succulents or perennial flowers in window boxes to make your home look beautiful all year round!

Moroccan Balcoy













Turn a small balcony into a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are in; they do not occupy floor space and they are the perfect way to turn any unused, drab vertical surface in your home or apartment into a focal point. Typically, small balconies that offer very little space benefit a whole lot from vertical arrangements—opt for perennials that do well in the shade or mix and match flowers with succulents and fruits. You can hang planters on the wall, make use of stacked crates and also hang them from the ceilings.

Vertical Garden


Make your outdoor look bigger with Mirrors

Mirrors and outdoors? Oh, you wouldn’t believe the effect it has. Create an illusion of a great, green outdoor space with mirrors; ideally place them in a space which allows the mirror to reflect light and plants. I bet you never thought of this.



Pave with a little green for poetic spaces

If you are blessed to have a home with a small green patch in front or back, you can easily primp up that space by paving stones and arranging some seating to turn it into a sweet gathering place. If you have a terrace area which you can afford to permanently turn into a garden, you can get this look on your terrace too.



Let there be light

You could turn an ordinary, outdoor space into something absolutely stunning simply by installing a set of lights and getting in a seating area. If you have a large porch, opt for a chandelier. If you have a small city apartment balcony, try using string lights or naked bulbs (10 or more) and hang them irregularly throughout the balcony. You could also use fairy lights above the balcony and hang a sheer cloth below it to create a dreamy marquee.



Colour Block

If you want an instant outdoor area that’s fit for entertaining, try colour blocking. Depending upon the size of your outdoor space you can bring in a 4 seater garden table and turn it into a Parisian cafe style outdoor dining area or get in a mattress, some cushions a low table and some lanterns for a Moroccan inspired space.



Rug it out

Now, this is my grandma’s method for an instant beautiful outdoor space. 1 rug + 1 table + 1 plant atop the table. You could leave it at this and have a fantastic, tea worthy outdoors or add in cushions or chairs for people to relax and rejuvenate.



Create a Timeless look with bougainvillea/roses

And this little tip is mine! If you want to turn your outdoor area into a place that’s timeless and classic, plant bougainvillea or climbing roses close to your home walls/ around the garden gate or even in your balcony. In no time you’ll see how a simple wall turns into a stunner.




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