Creating Tiling Wonders with Simple Murals

Tiles now come in various materials, shapes and colours, patterns and even textures! They wear such lovely disguises that you sometimes cannot tell a wood-look tiled floor from an original wooden floor!

Tiles have long since moved out of their relegated domains of the washroom and kitchen and now adorn walls, artwork, faux fireplaces and even furniture!

Here are some lovely tiling ideas that will help you visualise tiling wonders with simple murals. Don’t worry, they are so simple, that you will want to give them a go right away!

A smorgasbord on your walls

Choose an assortment of colourful patterned tiles – let the patterns be wild and different, from florals to geometrics, ethnic to bohemian and renaissance to contemporary. Now mix them up on the floor to create a patchwork that is pleasing to the eye. Then lay them on a narrow wall, for a stunning effect!

A pixelated mural


Just as an enlarged picture clearly arranges itself into little pixels (squares that make up the painting), choose a simple (in terms of colour, more than anything else, 3-4 colours maximum) picture. You could either print out a picture where the pixels are clearly visible, or you could use a readymade cross stitch pattern. Both these will give you the picture ‘in squares’. Next, hunt for the tiles in the colours (they have to be of the same size, preferably large so that the picture makes an impact). Finally, bring the picture to life, by replicating the pattern of the pixels on the wall. A good way to do this is to draw the walls into squares so that you do not make a mistake when placing the tiles. A bit of work, but still quite simple, especially if you hire someone to do the actual tiling!

Assorted tiles in similar shades


Choose a colour, and go tile hunting – selecting as many textures, designs and shades in that colour as possible. Then lay them directly on the wall, all mixed up, ensuring that you make a mosaic. Break tiles if necessary to add a few irregular-shaped tiles, for an element of charm! Ensure that you choose grout in a dark shade or one in a similar colour as the tiles, for the best effect.

A simple tile mural for your headboard

It cannot get simpler than this, where 6 large decorative tiles have been arranged to form a neat grid on the wall, just above the bed. It’s a wonderful idea for a headboard and adds a quality visual impact to the room!

Tile is such a versatile material that you can do anything with it, the more creative the better! Just pay attention to pattern, dimensions and colour, and you will have a winning tile mural on your wall; and be the envy of all who visit you!

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