How to choose the perfect tile for your kitchen

tile for your kitchen

Memories of food are nostalgic, and it binds a family like no other. The evenings spent whipping up my trademark brownie with my ten-year-old while the heady smell of dark chocolate engulfs the whole house is one memory that I will cherish forever. So, if you love to cook, nothing gets more personal than the kitchen in a house. And ...

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Granite counter tops- dos and don’ts

Granite counter tops

Granite countertops look beautiful in kitchens and wash areas. Most sources of home decorating ideas recommend that you use granite counter tops when you sift through home renovation ideas or are looking for options to buy new countertops. Granite is great for such areas, but it’s always good to be aware of how to care for your granite counter tops, ...

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Common Tile Problems: Causes and How to Prevent Them

Tile Problems

Today, tiles are not only associated with the general bathroom usage, but also with décor related usages. Tiles are available in a variety of stylish patterns and styles and they are an excellent way to instantly brighten up a room. However, tiles require proper maintenance. Choice of the tiles for a room must also be accurate. We encounter many problems ...

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Decorating with Tiles

Decorating with Tiles

Tiles add an interesting and functional dimension to home decorating. It’s not just floors that look great with tiles, but it’s also your walls and your landscapes that will really stand out with tiling. Let’s look at some outstanding yet doable home design ideas in tiling, and economical home renovation ideas. Use listellos in indoor wall tiles Listellos are a ...

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Ways Mosaic Tiles Will Make Your Small Bath Look Big

Glass Mosaic

Small bathrooms are a fact of life for many homeowners. And it’s always a challenge to make such rooms appear bigger and brighter. The versatile mosaic tiles are an unusual but attractive solution to this common problem. Mosaic tile is often used in interior decoration or even wall and floor art, and offer endless possibilities for adding an illusion of ...

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Exciting new tile trends for 2017


A redesign on the cards for 2017? Or just bought your new home and looking to have it designed? Then you want to keep reading to find out all the exciting new tile trends in the market today! Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most used spaces in our homes and some of the most challenging yet interesting spaces ...

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Home Improvement: Selecting Proper Flooring

Home Improvement

A perfect floor can beautifully offset your furniture, accessories and even walls. Right from colours, materials, patterns, textures and durability, selecting the right flooring is also linked to the functionality of the space. You should always select the flooring based on: How much traffic will be there in that area? What about food and liquid spillage? Is it in a ...

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Ways to protect the external stone cladding from discoloration

Stone Cladding

Any home owner who has installed natural stone that ends up being discoloured knows how big of a nuisance and disappointment it can be for everyone involved. The hired contractor worked hard to make sure the product reflects well on the company’s image, the owner was looking forward to an attractive front cladding that complements their home or commercial structure. ...

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Common Tile Problems and Solutions for them


I remember reading this one-liner that most homeowners will relate to – “Why can’t my home clean itself? It seems to get dirty on its own!” What is it about homes that as soon as you are done addressing an issue in one part, another part starts demanding some sort of maintenance? Wouldn’t it be nice if once cleaned, scrubbed, ...

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