Home renovation mistakes that can ruin festivities


Festivals offer a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends, but, before that happens and you swing into a celebratory mode, remember that it is a good time to spring clean the house, discard old and unwanted objects, and renovate and paint the house. You can also take stock of all the repair and renovation work that is required ...

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Waterproofing Solutions For Every Budget


With the festive season now in full swing, we homeowners are doing double duty to make our houses look beautiful and welcoming. But an attractive home is a lot more than walls painted in stunning colours. There are secret foes of long lasting beauty that could very well be creeping towards the surface of your walls even as you read ...

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Health Hazards of Water Leakage in the Monsoon


The music of the falling rain is a welcome change after every harsh summer. Thoughts of a cosy, warm evening are always associated with the monsoons. But this wonderful is soon rained on (literally), if your home is not waterproofed. It is easy to put off repairs, year after year, citing financial reasons or inconvenience, but if you knew how ...

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Signs that it is time for Home Repairs!


We all know that home repairs are taxing, both mentally and physically. Bringing workers into your home and managing them effectively just adds to your everyday issues. Nevertheless, it is important to carry out your home repairs because the condition of your home is certainly not something to take for granted. Problems with your home can ripple out, affecting other ...

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A Facelift for Your Old Walls and Flooring


My mother-in-law is an obsessive home cleaner. There is a never long break before you see the entire family involved in the task of cleaning, scrubbing, washing and wiping different surfaces and areas of the house. To her credit, things end up looking fresh and new for a long time. You cannot help but pick up a trick or two ...

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Water Seepage in Residential Flats


In a hot and humid climate like Mumbai, water seepage is an extremely common problem. It is an unpleasant sight and brings along many other problems and health hazards too. This is why it is extremely important that when you consider purchasing or renting a home. You must ensure that the base of the structure is strong and well plastered. ...

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Let your home celebrate monsoon. Just Like You.


Yes, we’ve been praying to the rain gods for quite some time now, and news is that this year the rains will start early too. What a relief it’ll be won’t it? To have the cool wind caress your face as you drink tea on your window or balcony? Monsoons are nothing short of magical. But tell you what, monsoons ...

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10 Simple Décor Tips To Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen

Kitchen Decor

A couple of years ago, I was travelling through the North-Eastern state of India, Arunachal Pradesh. During our stay at Ziro, I was invited for dinner to a local Apatani family’s home. The first thing that struck me about the home was that the kitchen was central to the home’s layout. As in, when you enter, the kitchen is where ...

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Signs That it is Time for Renovation


A home ages with time and requires repair and maintenance on a regular basis. Weather conditions such as heat and cold, rain and dust impact the materials used in construction, and therefore it is essential that regular care and appropriate treatment is carried out. Every house requires some amount of renovation and periodic maintenance and it makes a lot of ...

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