Secrets to create an amazing terrace garden

Terrace Garden

A terrace garden is a thing of beauty in the midst of an urban jungle. I am extremely grateful for the terrace space we have in our new home. I woke up this morning to the sweet scent of jasmine and parijatha filling the air in the terrace, clear skies, the setting moon, and a not whiff of the polluted ...

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Taking Care of your Exterior Walls this Monsoon

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When you visit someone’s home, you form an impression about how the interiors might look just by looking at the exterior walls. With the monsoon just around the corner, it’s essential to take protective measures in order to ensure safety of your home. Let’s explore some of the reasons why your exterior walls need to be taken care of before ...

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Decorating month special: Outdoor

Balcony  garden

I love the outdoors and I adore talking about outdoor decor. From elegant landscaped gardens to sweet porches; from quaint patios to elaborate gazebo canopies and from sprawling stretches of greens to a small city balcony—my love for outdoor decor is undying and what better time to talk about outdoor decor than summer. On Happy Homes Decorating Month Specials I ...

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Improve Outdoor Spaces Functionally and Aesthetically


It can be a boon to have balconies and small gardens when you are living in the city. Space is such a premium in cities that having any open area adjacent to your living room or bedroom can provide that vital breathing space which we crave so desperately. It therefore makes sense to utilize these open areas to the maximum ...

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Roof Repair – Why & How

roof repair

Roof, the fifth wall of the house is as important as all the other four. However, it needs extra care and maintenance as it is exposed to various climatic conditions. In this article I will be discussing some of the main reasons of roof leakage, how it affects your house and the ways to fix it. Why you need to ...

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Revolutionary New Waterproofing And Insulation Products


A spanking new building looks beautiful. In order to maintain its charm and beauty for years, and protect it from damage, it needs to be waterproofed and insulated. Let’s understand why. Why waterproof and insulate? It’s a fact that most construction materials degrade after exposure to water, something inevitable in a country like ours, which receives heavy rains for two ...

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Swimming Pool Tiling and Grouting Basics


Swimming pools are very popular extensions of homes and institutions these days. However, they need to be built with the best possible materials, with the right techniques, and waterproofed properly. This will ensure that the structure is durable, and long lasting. Swimming pools need to be watertight outside, while the tiling inside needs to be waterproofed. Today let’s explore waterproofing ...

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How To Make A Stone Flower Pot Using Grout

How to make a stone flower pot using grout

Grout! Sounds like a serious construction medium- one of which you have heard once in a while when someone talked about tiles, but didn’t really took all that effort to remember, right? Tell you what? It’s a super fun medium for art projects too. As a matter of fact, those beautiful tile-mosaic and stone-mosaic flower pots that you see is ...

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