Freedom From Dampness

damp free home

“Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery.”   – Miles Davis One of the things that amazes me most about the world today is how much information is available, just a click away, and yet, how little we choose to learn, to acquire the knowledge that would liberate us from the shackles we don’t even know exist. And my own ignorance ...

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Freedom from Dampness

Happy Homes: Freedom from Dampness

It’s India’s Independence week; and every August, this time of the year, freedom is the buzz word in our media networks, social media and institutions. But are we really free? Yes and no. Apart from the raging social and economic problems we are struggling to untangle, everyday problems like the dampness and mold in our homes are something that we ...

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How to Prep up Your Home for Festivals

festive home keeping

The second half of the year is a great time in India as it is interspersed with various festivals which are celebrated across the country. While each festival is celebrated in a unique way in different parts of India, yet traditional rituals, food and guests are an integral part of every festival, irrespective of where and when it is celebrated. ...

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Ways to Add Art to Your Home on a Budget

budget art

Happy homes are personalised homes. You really do not have to have expensive, branded home décor products and art work to make your home warm and delightful. One of the most exciting ways to add visual interest to a home is through art work. Let’s look at 4 cool ways to do this on a budget! Frame fabric The dupatta ...

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Décor Tips: Monsoon Calls for Green to be in


Adopting eco-friendly measures in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby conserving non-renewable natural resources has assumed great importance. The monsoon serves as a reminder to renew our faith in green measures – both literally and figuratively. The rains not only refresh our senses but rejuvenate every living organism, nurturing and giving birth to new lifecycles. It is, ...

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Protect Your Tiles From Heavy Monsoon Showers


Songs have been sung. Poems have been written. Whenever it hasn’t arrived on time, prayers have been said. Monsoon is a season everyone awaits and welcomes with a smile. But like every blessing, it comes with its fine prints, and many water ravaged homes stand mutely as a testimony to what Monsoon can do to an unprepared, unprotected house. Thankfully, ...

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Don’t let Rains Turn Your House into a Breeding Ground for Pesky Pests


It is a delight to finally have the rains here, the smell of fresh earth and to watch the children play in puddles is highly de-stressing. Despite the much needed rainfall, there are a host of other issues that come to the fore when it rains incessantly. Right from damp spots, seepage, growth of mould and pest infestation, the list ...

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Home Keeping Tips for Monsoon


With the advent of rain, increased dampness, wet floors, mud marks and soiled rugs and carpets become difficult to manage, making home keeping more involved. One of the first things that one should do once rain sets in is to roll up all expensive carpets and keep them away. Wet shoes, dripping umbrellas and high humidity can soil carpets and ...

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How to care for your Marble Floors during Monsoon


The monsoon brings with it a fresh, washed feel, but it is not really the best time of the year for your flooring, particularly your marble floors. The reason is, rainwater is slightly acidic in nature, and this acid content is likely to cause ugly discoloration to your marble floors. But before you start second guessing your choice of marble ...

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Advantages of Using Adhesive over Conventional Cement Method


Conventionally, a cement paste was used to adhere tiles to a surface. However, innovations in construction technology have introduced a tiling adhesive which has a percentage of cement in it, but is superlatively more effective. The problems with using conventional cement Besides the lack of efficacy, there are real problems associated with using conventional cement to affix tiles. The consistency ...

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