Creating Exemplary Contemporary Office Interiors

Contemporary Office Interiors

An Interior Design is a Business of Trust – Venus Williams Working on a business venture is a huge responsibility and an equally big challenge. When you choose to start your own business, there are a lot of things that you have to worry about. Right from the staff you hire to the kind of interiors you choose to have ...

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Secrets to a Beautiful Bathroom!


Doing up your bathroom is important, but how to make it truly beautiful requires a lot more care and importance to details. A bathroom has a lot of power over the look and feel of the rest of the home. We’re sure many of you have walked into a bathroom and felt how it can change your entire mood or ...

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Things to Remember when moving into a New House


It is so exciting to move into a bigger and better home! Unpacking your stuff on the first day and setting it all up in the spacious home. However, the dream bubble can easily burst with just one issue, which could have been avoided had you check it out earlier. Fret not, we have been there, done that and want ...

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Areas Most Prone To Seepage and Leakage during Monsoon

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Ah, now who doesn’t love a splash of the quick shower after the parched months of April and May! What a relief to see everything bloom and clean and green again. But your home might not echo the same sentiment. With the onset of monsoon- and if you have not waterproofed your home- its aftermath is seen as much inside houses ...

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Waterproofing Tips For Your Homes


The joy of Monsoons finally arriving after a long wait is irreplaceable. But it also brings along a few common problems that cannot be ignored. One of the main concerns during Monsoons is that of leakage and every one of us has faced this issue in our homes at some point or the other. Be it Monsoon or any other ...

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How to be Prepared This Rainy Season – Tips for a Monsoon Ready Home


This summer has been a particularly scorching one, where temperatures have set new records, crossing old highs from the last 50 to 100 years. The drought situation too has further worsened across several parts of the country and renewed focus on measures to conserve water at the micro and macro level are absolutely imperative and the need of the hour. ...

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Home Improvements To Raise The Value Of Your Home


As a property owner, you no doubt want to get an optimal return on your investment, whether through selling or renting the house. It’s no secret that a few well-thought fixes around the house can hike its value. It is, however, tricky to decide which home improvement projects are going to add more value to your existing house, and which ...

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