5 possible reasons of seepage problem in your home

waterproofed your home

Are you prone to allergies and cold often? Mold may be one of the reasons. My son was so prone to cold in the house we lived until a year ago that I became immune after a while. “Good morning” in the household was replaced with “Is your throat ok?” for a few years because any morning he woke up with his ...

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What is Efflorescence and how to treat it?

Efflorescence Walls

Efflorescence is the whitish deposits you see on walls and masonry. The local names for it are Kallar and Shora. Efflorescence is not a good sign as it means that the quality of construction material may not have been the best. Due to the use of salt water during construction and through rains, the salts (like sulfates or magnesium, sodium, ...

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How to create a waterproofed home?

rain on thassos

A home is foremost a safe shelter for its inhabitants. If your home is not waterproofed, it negates the very purpose of a safe haven that you can come back to each day. So how can you create a waterproofed home? Essentially, barring the foundation, which has to be sturdy, strong and waterproofed, there are five key areas that you ...

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Solutions to not so common tile problems

Simpolo India morbi tiles ceramics

The most beautiful and expensive tiles can appear tacky and distasteful if they are not installed properly. Right from an alignment of the edges of patterns being matched, it is important to hire workers who know their job well. Apart from the more obvious issues with tile installations, there are several other, not so common problems that can occur during ...

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Bathroom Waterproofing Mistakes

bathroom interior design

The bathroom is one area which is constantly exposed to water and moisture, which can lead to the build-up of dampness. In addition, any leakage or cracks and breaks in the tiles on the walls and floor can cause water to seep through and cause further damage. Waterproofing remains an essential element in the construction of the bathrooms and is ...

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How to select flooring for each room of your house

Living room furniture chair

It is important to select flooring after careful consideration, as it has a large impact on your interiors and decor. It is also expensive and requires much effort to update periodically, it, therefore makes sense to pay attention to it during the construction of your home while remodeling. Having said that, constant innovations in flooring materials, designs and patterns make ...

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Rain Alert! Nine ways to prep your home before this monsoon

Home Monsoon

When it rains, it pours. After the soaring temperatures of summer, the smell of fresh earth and the sound of pitter patter raindrops brings cheer on everyone’s faces. With the onset of monsoon, the only thing one misses about summer are the juicy mangoes. But, as much as we embrace monsoon with open arms, are our homes really prepared for ...

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How does foundation waterproofing strengthen the entire structure/building?


A building’s foundation or that of a house is literally what holds the whole structure together, more accurately what the home is built on. A weak foundation results in a weaker structure. Foundations are subjected to a variety of problems and the most prominent and common of these are the problems caused by dampness and water logging. Water logging in ...

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Dampness in structure – sources, effects and solutions

Dampness in structure

Simply put, damp is an excess of moisture that can’t escape from a structure. But this simple definition hides the fact that dampness in a building structure is a silent and often undetected menace that can wreak havoc on your building or home, often capable of causing severe damage to your safety and health. That is why it is important ...

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