Things to ask your contractor before you start your project


How is he scheduling your project? Scheduling your project is very important as it will help in timely completion of the project, which also means lesser cost escalation. It will also tell you what project activity comes after another. This way you can plan your materials selection, deliveries, and budget. Scheduling will also help you in creating a contingency plan ...

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Create a Ceiling that is all about charm


A beautiful scenery is incomplete without the blue sky and your beautiful home is incomplete without a good ceiling design. When it comes to the ceiling, in most of the homes, you will see a flat ceiling with a fan in the centre. A bit lavish one might have a chandelier gracing the ceiling. A good home design is one ...

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6 Design Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home


Home. A word that’s associated with calm, peace, and rest. Your private oasis in a chaotic world. We continually strive to create better living conditions for our loved ones. It’s not surprising that a lot of people are seeking to convert their private sanctuary into an abode which is at harmony with the environment. After all, in the world we ...

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Tips for Choosing Grouts


When a tiling job is undertaken, choosing the right tile takes up far too much time and effort, while choosing the grout is a decision left to the contractor. However, choosing the right grout requires some serious thought too. The quality of your tiling in fact, depends a great deal on the kind of grout you choose. Grout is the ...

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Decoding Wall Efflorescence and its impact


Have you seen white, powdery and dusty-looking deposits on your walls, especially around the corner edges of your home? Well, it’s time you acted on it! Why? Because, not all white things are pretty, and it’s no dusting from Santa. What we are staring at is: Wall Efflorescence: a condition where salt (white) deposits are formed on the surface of the ...

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Ways Water Destroys Homes and Buildings


Having a beautiful home is not enough, it requires a lot of effort to nurture it and take care of it, so that it remains in its best condition for years to come. Unfortunately, weather elements, especially rainwater can cause damage to homes and buildings over a period of time. Inevitably, there is wear and tear that happens and the ...

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The Significance of Grouting in the Kitchen


The kitchen is one place in the house that can have several different types of tiles, all with different applications. Together they come together to add a beautiful touch to the kitchen. When choosing kitchen tiles for our home we spend hours and even days finalising the tiles. We consider where they are going to be fixed, the material of ...

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A Facelift for Your Old Walls and Flooring


My mother-in-law is an obsessive home cleaner. There is a never long break before you see the entire family involved in the task of cleaning, scrubbing, washing and wiping different surfaces and areas of the house. To her credit, things end up looking fresh and new for a long time. You cannot help but pick up a trick or two ...

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