Sumil Dutta

Things to ask your contractor before you start your project


How is he scheduling your project? Scheduling your project is very important as it will help in timely completion of the project, which also means lesser cost escalation. It will also tell you what project activity comes after another. This way you can plan your materials selection, deliveries, and budget. Scheduling will also help you in creating a contingency plan ...

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Why is there a need for terrace waterproofing?

terrace waterproofing

Terraces are the first point of contact with rain and if the water stays on it then the last one too. So it is very important to provide a proper slope to your terrace and a sufficient number of water outlets. Apart from this, a thorough waterproofing of the terrace helps in avoiding lots of future expenses. Waterproofing terrace during ...

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Ways to protect the external stone cladding from discoloration

Stone Cladding

Any home owner who has installed natural stone that ends up being discoloured knows how big of a nuisance and disappointment it can be for everyone involved. The hired contractor worked hard to make sure the product reflects well on the company’s image, the owner was looking forward to an attractive front cladding that complements their home or commercial structure. ...

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Why consult an architect before a major home renovation?


Being a homeowner is the best feeling in the world. It is your personal space. To keep it the way you want, to make few changes here and there over a period of time is normalcy. But once in a lifetime comes that major renovation that changes how you live. It might be adding a whole new floor for your ...

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Create a Ceiling that is all about charm


A beautiful scenery is incomplete without the blue sky and your beautiful home is incomplete without a good ceiling design. When it comes to the ceiling, in most of the homes, you will see a flat ceiling with a fan in the centre. A bit lavish one might have a chandelier gracing the ceiling. A good home design is one ...

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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing


Man is a social animal. Living in a society or gated community gives us a sense of togetherness and security. It allows us to celebrate and live our lives with a sense of belonging and ownership. However, the physical dwelling place comes with an added baggage of services and repairs that need to be done over a period of time. ...

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