Sharon Colaco DSouza is a professional content strategist and an interiors stylist. She is passionate about home décor, and runs a décor blog called The Keybunch. She is also the founder of Décor Drama, a popular online community for décor lovers. She is a published features writer and author. Do follow her latest series on The Huffington Post where she blogs about using vintage items in modern décor arrangements. She works from her home office in Pune, which she shares with her science-buff family consisting of a husband and two young kids.

How to Up the Festive Quotient of your Tiles


When festivities are in the air, why should our kitchens, bathrooms and other tiled areas be left unadorned? Adding a festive touch to these spaces enhances the air of celebration and fun! Here are a few easy ways to up the festive quotient of your tiles. Colour plain tiles with ceramic pens Identify a horizontal line of tiling at eye-level, ...

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Health Hazards of Water Leakage in the Monsoon


The music of the falling rain is a welcome change after every harsh summer. Thoughts of a cosy, warm evening are always associated with the monsoons. But this wonderful is soon rained on (literally), if your home is not waterproofed. It is easy to put off repairs, year after year, citing financial reasons or inconvenience, but if you knew how ...

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Tiling for your Home


Tiles give a finishing touch to your beautiful home, without which your floors, bathrooms and kitchens would never be able to look their best! Choosing tiles however, can be a difficult exercise. The right tiles for the right part of the home are always a challenge. Here are some pointers on choosing correctly. Consider the basics Which room are you ...

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Freedom from Dampness

Happy Homes: Freedom from Dampness

It’s India’s Independence week; and every August, this time of the year, freedom is the buzz word in our media networks, social media and institutions. But are we really free? Yes and no. Apart from the raging social and economic problems we are struggling to untangle, everyday problems like the dampness and mold in our homes are something that we ...

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Ways to Add Art to Your Home on a Budget

budget art

Happy homes are personalised homes. You really do not have to have expensive, branded home décor products and art work to make your home warm and delightful. One of the most exciting ways to add visual interest to a home is through art work. Let’s look at 4 cool ways to do this on a budget! Frame fabric The dupatta ...

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How to care for your Marble Floors during Monsoon


The monsoon brings with it a fresh, washed feel, but it is not really the best time of the year for your flooring, particularly your marble floors. The reason is, rainwater is slightly acidic in nature, and this acid content is likely to cause ugly discoloration to your marble floors. But before you start second guessing your choice of marble ...

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Monsoon Calls for the Green to be In!


It’s raining outside as I write this blog, and when I look out of my window I see an endless expanse of beautiful green foliage. But I know most homes don’t smell and feel too fresh in the monsoons. But here’s a change of perspective because the monsoon is my favourite season to stay indoors. Yes, my home smells fresh ...

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Advantages of Using Adhesive over Conventional Cement Method


Conventionally, a cement paste was used to adhere tiles to a surface. However, innovations in construction technology have introduced a tiling adhesive which has a percentage of cement in it, but is superlatively more effective. The problems with using conventional cement Besides the lack of efficacy, there are real problems associated with using conventional cement to affix tiles. The consistency ...

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Taking Care of your Exterior Walls this Monsoon

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When you visit someone’s home, you form an impression about how the interiors might look just by looking at the exterior walls. With the monsoon just around the corner, it’s essential to take protective measures in order to ensure safety of your home. Let’s explore some of the reasons why your exterior walls need to be taken care of before ...

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Decorating the Bathroom


There’s more to ideal bathrooms than the perfect plumbing and fixtures. Beautifying our bath spaces is now as important as doing up the rest of the interiors. And with good reason too. A washroom that is aesthetically pleasing can do much to help us start the day well; when guests are over, it is important that our washrooms are decorated ...

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