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What is Efflorescence and how to treat it?

Efflorescence Walls

Efflorescence is the whitish deposits you see on walls and masonry. The local names for it are Kallar and Shora. Efflorescence is not a good sign as it means that the quality of construction material may not have been the best. Due to the use of salt water during construction and through rains, the salts (like sulfates or magnesium, sodium, ...

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How to create a waterproofed home?

rain on thassos

A home is foremost a safe shelter for its inhabitants. If your home is not waterproofed, it negates the very purpose of a safe haven that you can come back to each day. So how can you create a waterproofed home? Essentially, barring the foundation, which has to be sturdy, strong and waterproofed, there are five key areas that you ...

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Granite counter tops- dos and don’ts

Granite counter tops

Granite countertops look beautiful in kitchens and wash areas. Most sources of home decorating ideas recommend that you use granite counter tops when you sift through home renovation ideas or are looking for options to buy new countertops. Granite is great for such areas, but it’s always good to be aware of how to care for your granite counter tops, ...

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Decorating with Tiles

Decorating with Tiles

Tiles add an interesting and functional dimension to home decorating. It’s not just floors that look great with tiles, but it’s also your walls and your landscapes that will really stand out with tiling. Let’s look at some outstanding yet doable home design ideas in tiling, and economical home renovation ideas. Use listellos in indoor wall tiles Listellos are a ...

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Give your home Exquisite Exteriors

home exterior-exterior design-house exterior

The shape and outer view of your home are defined by your exterior walls. Structurally, exterior walls support the walls, roof and floors of your home. They also protect your home and family from weather extremities. The function of your exterior walls is to insulate, shed water, repel moisture and air infiltration. Let’s learn more about how you can maintain ...

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Is Marble Flooring a Good Choice?


There’s an undeniable luxe element associated with marble. It is perceived that cost may have something to do with it, but as someone who has had the joy of living with a marble floor in a humid South Indian city, I can tell you that the attraction of marble has much to do with the incredible coolness it offers. Step ...

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Creating Tiling Wonders with Simple Murals


Tiles now come in various materials, shapes and colours, patterns and even textures! They wear such lovely disguises that you sometimes cannot tell a wood-look tiled floor from an original wooden floor! Tiles have long since moved out of their relegated domains of the washroom and kitchen and now adorn walls, artwork, faux fireplaces and even furniture! Here are some ...

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Tips for Choosing Grouts


When a tiling job is undertaken, choosing the right tile takes up far too much time and effort, while choosing the grout is a decision left to the contractor. However, choosing the right grout requires some serious thought too. The quality of your tiling in fact, depends a great deal on the kind of grout you choose. Grout is the ...

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Water tank Waterproofing: What you should know!


Water tanks in large complexes and even in small homes, are usually placed underground or overhead. Therefore there is always, a chance that water may seep through the common joints between the house and the tank; especially if the tank is badly constructed, or simply not waterproofed. This is a huge risk because leakage and seepage can damage your internal ...

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