Pratishtha Khan

Pratishtha Shrotriya Khan blogs at and spends a large chunk of her leisure time creating and sourcing practical and affordable DIY solutions for home decor. Selected as one of the JUICE Magazine's Super Bloggers in 2014, she divides her time between her profession as a content writer and her passion as a creator of pretty things to adorn her home in Mumbai.

Dampness in structure – sources, effects and solutions

Dampness in structure

Simply put, damp is an excess of moisture that can’t escape from a structure. But this simple definition hides the fact that dampness in a building structure is a silent and often undetected menace that can wreak havoc on your building or home, often capable of causing severe damage to your safety and health. That is why it is important ...

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Keep A Check On Your Home’s Health


Annual health check-ups for yourself and your loved ones are a great way to bring attention to any potential health issues that might need a quick intervention. Likewise, your home’s health too needs a regular assessment to determine any underlying problems. A healthy house is clean, well-maintained, with a strong structure, good air quality, and proper ventilation. It is important ...

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Understanding Society Repairs and Waterproofing

Residential Apartment

Community living is an integral part of human society. More so in big cities, where multi-storied apartments are a common residential choice. While living in a society has its advantages, it comes with the additional responsibility of shared accountability of upkeep and timely repairs of common spaces. Small repairs, if ignored over time, can lead to major damages to the ...

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Decorate and Protect Your Home On Holi


Holi was my favourite festival as a child. And that was because of all the colours, the water guns, the food the music, and all that dancing. We ran in and out of the house, never once giving a thought to all the colours spilled on the floor, on the furniture, sprayed on the walls, and splattered on the doors. My mother spent several days ...

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Water And Dampness Affect Your Home Structure

Water And Dampness for House

Water – that essential element for all living beings. A force of nature that is known as much for its essential role in sustaining life, as it is for its potential for destruction. And your own home is as susceptible to damage from this element as anything else. Floors, roof, walls, electric fittings, and even the foundation of your home: ...

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Checklist for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Business man with check boxes over navy blue background

Home renovation is an exciting task. But before you start with the layouts and design improvements, there are some important things to consider so your project turns out just the way you dream it. Inadequately planned remodeling projects can go horribly bad and are likely to bring up unexpected expenses in addition to unnecessary stress. Good planning is an essential ...

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Common Tile Problems and Solutions for them


I remember reading this one-liner that most homeowners will relate to – “Why can’t my home clean itself? It seems to get dirty on its own!” What is it about homes that as soon as you are done addressing an issue in one part, another part starts demanding some sort of maintenance? Wouldn’t it be nice if once cleaned, scrubbed, ...

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Resolutions To Keep Your Home Happy And Healthy In The New Year


Just before 2016 ended, I read a significant number of articles that this New Year is going to be all about reconnecting with the most important aspects of our well-being – Health and Happiness. We are finally ready to embrace what truly matters. Families are reading the food labels carefully, clutter is being busted in homes and our lives, and ...

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6 Design Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home


Home. A word that’s associated with calm, peace, and rest. Your private oasis in a chaotic world. We continually strive to create better living conditions for our loved ones. It’s not surprising that a lot of people are seeking to convert their private sanctuary into an abode which is at harmony with the environment. After all, in the world we ...

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Give Your Home A Mini Makeover With Colourful Tiles


We all want our home to be a beautiful abode filled with warmth and comfort; a unique space with a timeless look. An extensive remodeling is often on our minds, but an elaborate overhaul can be a daunting task. But with a little planning, and some out-of-the-box thinking, you can achieve a stunning mini-makeover for your ideal home, with just ...

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