Lakshmi Nagarajan

5 possible reasons of seepage problem in your home

waterproofed your home

Are you prone to allergies and cold often? Mold may be one of the reasons. My son was so prone to cold in the house we lived until a year ago that I became immune after a while. “Good morning” in the household was replaced with “Is your throat ok?” for a few years because any morning he woke up with his ...

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How to choose the perfect tile for your kitchen

tile for your kitchen

Memories of food are nostalgic, and it binds a family like no other. The evenings spent whipping up my trademark brownie with my ten-year-old while the heady smell of dark chocolate engulfs the whole house is one memory that I will cherish forever. So, if you love to cook, nothing gets more personal than the kitchen in a house. And ...

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Secrets to create an amazing terrace garden

Terrace Garden

A terrace garden is a thing of beauty in the midst of an urban jungle. I am extremely grateful for the terrace space we have in our new home. I woke up this morning to the sweet scent of jasmine and parijatha filling the air in the terrace, clear skies, the setting moon, and a not whiff of the polluted ...

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Clean Happy Walls with Dr. Fixit

the-happy-homes-wall dr.fixit

Damp patches on walls? Layers of paint flaking? Fungus like spots on the ceiling? Powdery mildew on walls? It’s a sign your house is vying for your undivided attention; it’s time to put your blinkers on. Every once in a while we wake up to the news of a building crumbling down or walls crashing down. Age of the building ...

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