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How to Maintain your Exterior Cladding


Exterior Building in India usually look worn out and dull. If we maintained it on a regular basis, then the dire overhaul to the exterior would not be required. It’s vital you carry out critical maintenance tasks, or the crisp, modern look of your home could be spoiled. Worse still, without maintenance, cladding can deteriorate to the point it creates ...

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Hygienic and easy to maintain: The new-age flooring solutions


Cleaning and maintaining the health of your house floorings can be one of the most stressful household chore. And, some may even identify themselves as the pitiful Cinderella, who was meant to wipe, scrub and swap the floor as a way of punishment by her evil twin sisters. Well, snap out of it now! The good news is that we ...

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A touch of modern simplicity for your Christmas décor


‘tis the season to be jolly, merry and celebrate the magic of goodness. And, what better way to welcome this joyous holiday of Christmas by extending your home into a hub of miracle and joy. This year, allow us to play your Christmas Décor Santa. We have top 5 simplistic, yet modern Christmas décor ideas that are minimalist, but festive. ...

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Decoding Wall Efflorescence and its impact


Have you seen white, powdery and dusty-looking deposits on your walls, especially around the corner edges of your home? Well, it’s time you acted on it! Why? Because, not all white things are pretty, and it’s no dusting from Santa. What we are staring at is: Wall Efflorescence: a condition where salt (white) deposits are formed on the surface of the ...

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Wall Cladding for Festivals!


Festivals are a great time to renovate and do up your home. Throughout the year, the effort seems like quite a drag. So instead of just doing small décor changes, if you really want to make an impact, then our round up of wall claddings is definitely the way to go. Image Source: Wallpaper – Wallpaper is our number one ...

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Secrets to a Beautiful Bathroom!


Doing up your bathroom is important, but how to make it truly beautiful requires a lot more care and importance to details. A bathroom has a lot of power over the look and feel of the rest of the home. We’re sure many of you have walked into a bathroom and felt how it can change your entire mood or ...

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Signs that it is time for Home Repairs!


We all know that home repairs are taxing, both mentally and physically. Bringing workers into your home and managing them effectively just adds to your everyday issues. Nevertheless, it is important to carry out your home repairs because the condition of your home is certainly not something to take for granted. Problems with your home can ripple out, affecting other ...

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Wall Décor Ideas for the Festivities!


Its festival season already and everyday seems like a holiday! Decorating for the season seems to be the order of the day. The walls seem to be the perfect place to start this transformation process. Spring-cleaning is of course part of it, but decorating the walls also plays a big a part. We have rounded up the top ideas for ...

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Getting festive ready for Ganpati!

718x473 & 790x393 BB & decor_table top

Ganesh Chaturthi is right around the corner and we need you to get all geared up, so you shine and shimmer all through the festive season. Friends and family will constantly be dropping in and you want your home to be absolutely ready. Also, you have to create the most beautiful spot for the God, Ganpati himself. So how do ...

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Freedom from Dampness!

Freedom from Dampness

India, is a beautiful tropical country, at some point you must have experienced the rains. The rains play a large role in the moisture and leakages in our walls. Though this is not the only reason for wall moisture, but definitely the main one. Water seepage is incredibly annoying to property owners. It is also challenging to engineers, architects, contractors ...

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