Advantages of Using Adhesive over Conventional Cement Method

Conventionally, a cement paste was used to adhere tiles to a surface. However, innovations in construction technology have introduced a tiling adhesive which has a percentage of cement in it, but is superlatively more effective.


The problems with using conventional cement

Besides the lack of efficacy, there are real problems associated with using conventional cement to affix tiles.

  • The consistency of sand cement is not equal because the grains of sand contained in the cement mixture, are by nature uneven.
  • The conventional method is long-drawn. Tiles have to be soaked in water for a day prior to application. The mixing process is time consuming. During application, tiles have to be laid on their back, and the cement has to be applied one tile at a time.
  • Conventional cement dries fast. By the time they are smeared on the back and laid on the floor, there is a chance that part of it has already dried, lowering the efficacy of the tile job.
  • It doesn’t work well on all surfaces
  • Surfaces tiled using conventional cement are often uneven. The outcome is not very aesthetic because of the above problems.

The benefits of using a tiling adhesive

All the problems of using conventional cement mixture to lay tiles are overcome with a tiling adhesive.

  • Tiling adhesive comes pre-mixed, and fortified with additives that make tile-fixing easy and efficient.
  • It is quick as you don’t waste time mixing the adhesive, prepping the tiles, or while applying the adhesive.
  • With the help of a notched trowel (that creates grooves on the application to help it adhere better) adhesive can be applied uniformly over the laying surface, and tiles are then fixed on it. The grooves also add as markers, so wayward tiles can be aligned and adjusted.
  • Tile adhesives are formulated differently for specific applications such as the type of tile you are going to use or the type of surface your tiles are going to be laid on. This makes the tiling job very efficient.


More features and benefits of tiling adhesive

  • An incredibly aesthetic tiling job that protects tiles from cracking, problems of broken tiles, and a firm, smooth surface.
  • It has excellent waterproofing characteristics, and this prevents ugly tile-related problems such as water seepage and staining.
  • It is pre-mixed and ready to use, as it needs no curing
  • Thermal and physical movements do not interfere with the bonding capabilities of tiling adhesives, and tiles stay beautiful and perfectly aligned over time.
  • The spread of adhesive that one needs for tiling is thinner than the conventional concrete adhesive, making it more economical overall. For instance, a 20 Kg bag of Roff Tile On Tile Non-Skid Adhesive is around Rs700/-
  • Tiles can be grouted within 24 hours unlike the conventional method of adhering tiles which takes much longer to cure.

Though expensive, tiling adhesive has a lot of long-term and time-saving benefits. Roff Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) is a blended polymer modified cement based powder tile adhesive. Roff Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent ‘grab’ properties.

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