A Facelift for Your Old Walls and Flooring

My mother-in-law is an obsessive home cleaner. There is a never long break before you see the entire family involved in the task of cleaning, scrubbing, washing and wiping different surfaces and areas of the house. To her credit, things end up looking fresh and new for a long time. You cannot help but pick up a trick or two from a woman like that. I have learned that keeping your home looking stunning does not mean having to burn a hole in your pocket. I have also learned that the two surfaces that make a lot of difference to how a home looks are your walls and flooring. And these can be given a much-needed facelift with thorough cleaning, small repairs, and clever touch-ups.

I have compiled some handy ways to give your own old walls and flooring a fresh look. Start with these and see the difference!

Colour Can Cover
Nothing renews old walls like a fresh coat of paint. Try a new colour scheme for your space and see how it lends a new look to your home. If plain and simple walls look jaded to you, brighten them up with wallpaper, or try a textured statement wall. Before you start on any change, ensure that any uneven surfaces or water damage on the walls is addressed through an appropriate waterproofing solution, else no matter what you try, it will be a short-lived solution. Dr. Fixit has a comprehensive range of products that solves your waterproofing woes, ensuring that the facelift you invest in lasts for years.

Frame Them
If your walls are in a relatively good shape, or a new coat of paint isn’t a part of your plan, just pick up an assortment of frames in a variety of sizes and shapes and hang them up for an instant wall makeover. Flaunt a collection of framed pictures, vintage prints, or curios and old finds from the flea market.

Wall Decals
You will be amazed by the transformative potential of a simple wall decal. Moreover, they come in an unimaginable variety of sizes, shapes and colours; one of the most inexpensive and impermanent way to give your walls a completely new look.

Add Some Shelves
We have used floating shelves to cleverly hide small, unsightly spots on the wall. They are a great way to decorate your walls while also utilizing that dead space constructively. Adorn those shelves with vases, books, or small decorative pieces to see those old walls perk up instantly.

Flooring too, over time, becomes dull and discoloured due to dirt, stains and simply age. But there are ways to address the dullness of your flooring too, and replacing the whole thing isn’t needed unless it’s in extremely bad shape, or you just won a mega-lottery.

Clean Them Up
Whether your flooring is ceramic tile, hardwood or vinyl, sometimes, a thorough cleaning is all it takes to have it claim back some of its lost glory. Ceramic tiles can accumulate grime and grease, making them look old and dull. Use Roff Cera Clean, a fabulous, cleaner and degreasing solution to freshen up those tired tiles. To make hardwood floors shine again, put two teabags in boiling water, steep for a few minutes, and add the tea into a bucket. Let the water become lukewarm before you soak a soft cloth, wring out the excess water, and clean the floor with it. The tannic acid in the tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood. Vinyl flooring can be cleaned with Borax added to a bucket of water.

Dingy Grout
Discoloured and stained grout is often the reason your tile flooring is looking dull and making the entire space look tired. Always use a good quality grout filler to ensure long lasting, good looking flooring. For your current flooring, get out the grime with a non-chlorine cleaner, now easily available online. These help remove the stains and make future cleaning easier.

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