Terrace Alive - Volume 2

In a struggle to build the tallest icon, the urban focus has soared from land to the expanse of the sky. Terrace Alive, is an initiative by Indian Architect and Builder for Pidilite's Dr. Fixit which highlights the work being done in the emerging sky space.

Discovering the aptitude of this lost expanse, Terrace Alive will attempt to understand, deconstruct and dissect the various possibilities in its potentials, materiality and expressions in terrace architecture.

Addressing diverse formats, the aim of this publication is to comprehend prevailing attitudes and expose the architecture, design and engineering fraternities with alternatives in innovations in terrace architecture through exploration of Inspiration, Design and Innovation.

Terrace Alive aims at providing a platform for innovators, inventors and designers who have broken away from the conventional practice and successfully regenerated their share of roofs and terraces to serve the community, the city and the world as a whole. It focuses on varied possibilities of innovation and rejuvenation in residential design, commercial design, industrial design and hospitality design. The thought behind this initiative is to channelize the urban landscape to the roofs so that they become an instrument for architects, designers and engineers to construct a new definition of spaces that serves architecture into constructing a smarter and more sustainable future.